Happy New Year, the Religious side of it

Happy New Year, the Religious side of it


While the new year is not as religious as Christmas is, many people tend to say religious sayings more than they do for Christmas. Spiritual connections between people are important, and it needs regular reminders, and the new year is a perfect opportunity to replenish our souls with hope through religious messages. What we don't know yet is how the new year has become more religious than Christmas. We keep feeding friends and families these important happy new year religious messages to keep hope for prosperity alive.

How to say a religious happy new year?

Still, wondering where to begin this whole thing of wishing friends and family a happy religious new year? Here is how you can start to connect with religious messages:

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Text Message, and other social media

You can comfortably send happy new year messages through texting and social media. Here you can easily connect with close and not so close friends and family that it can prove a little difficult to wish them happy new year messages orally. This mode of sending happy new year messages is seamless, and you can do it at the touch of a button. The only flipside of this mode of communicating your new year messages is that you might not get immediate feedback, and you will not see or feel the recipient's reactions.

Write a greeting card.

Greeting cards provide an opportunity to send our best wishes to friends and loved ones during this new year's celebrations. You will incur some cost to obtain a new year's wishing card, and in the same breath, the recipient will regard your best wishes as sincere. Most cards you can find in stores convey religious new year wishes your loved ones will appreciate; besides, they can keep them for remembrance.

Simply say the messages to them orally.

Saying the best new year's wishes through the mouth is the common mode to communicate your best wishes. However, there are scenarios where this mode won't work. For example, if there is a distance factor between you and the recipient. When there is a distance between the two parties, the best option is a text messaging or social media platforms. Even when you give them a call, they won't read the facial expression that determines the sincerity of the message passed. Also, those you rarely talk to, not because you fear them, but because of their social status and the relationship between the two. I will give you a vivid example here. My dad and I never talk casually, straight to the point! Don't ask me why, and I know some of you are out there like my dad and me. How on earth can I start saying to them happy new year's wishes orally? I prefer text messaging or social media to pass on my wishes. And that is just one example; other people cannot easily give them a happy new year message orally.

Happy new year, religious wishes.

If you are writing a new year card to bless your friends and family with, here are some wishes you can jot down on your card to convey a happy new year religious wishes:

happy new year religious quotes

  • May your path be filled with success and prosperity in abundance! Happy new year!
  • May the Lord guide you throughout this year and shower you with abundant love that you can share with your loved ones! Happy new year!
  • May the blessing of Jesus Christ always guide you through the ups and downs of your life. May you live a happy and joyful life ahead! Happy new year!
  • I pray for you to have a better life in the coming year! Happy new year to you!
  • Years change, but the success formula is constant - working hard; I wish you good health so that you can work hard to achieve your success this coming year! Happy new year!
  • I wish you a happy and prosperous new year; I hope all your plans for this year get fulfilled with the blessings of God almighty! Happy new year!
  • I wish you success in the coming year. May it be that year that you realize the success you desire. Remember, hard work never goes unrewarded. Happy new year!

These are some beautiful new year messages you can add to your new year wishing card to bless your loved ones.


As the year 2020 comes to an end, welcome the year 2021 by wishing those you adore some of these religious happy new year greetings. Let them celebrate the new year differently this time around. Happy new year!