How to Celebrate New Year’s Day

How to Celebrate New Year’s Day

New year’s celebration is famous across the globe. With the busy holiday slowly coming to an end, you might be tempted to cross over to the next year at the comfort of your home, considering what 2020 has had in store for us.

But don't worry, this article will show you how to make the most out of the last day of this year in a healthy, productive, and creative way. You could go down to a grocery store and pick up some nutritious meals for you and the family. If you love ordering food online, this is the day for you to place orders for every member of your family. Or better organize your closet you have meant to work on but time. If you are a fan of movies, watch something on AmazonPrime. To be productive, organize your closet with the ideas you learned, and you have not had time to execute. And there are many other ways to become productive during this first day of the year despite the global pandemic.

Is new year's day a holy day of obligation?

According to Catholicism, new year's day is the first day of the year and a holy day of obligation. These special days are called feast days, time for prayer, and refrain from work. However, if it falls on a Saturday or a Monday, the obligation to attend Mass is abrogated. A new year is one of the six days of obligation that is observed in the US.

According to the church calendar, solemnity is a liturgical feast honoring the Virgin Mary's motherhood in the wake of baby Jesus' birth.  The new year's day is also the octave of Christmas, meaning exactly eight days after Christmas. Earlier catholic faithful observed January 1st as the feast of circumcision. So, yes, new year’s day is a holy day of obligation.

New year's day events

You have gone through new year's eve successfully, and now it's 2021, a new year's day. Some of us might have had to trans at night without sleep. There are great things you can do to make the first day of the year worthwhile. If you are into partying or something else, rest assured there are things to do if you ever thought January 1st is a day for recovery before you get back to work.

How you start your first day of the year sets the tone for how you go through the rest of the year. COVID 19 has taken a toll over 2020 and, more so, curbed some of the interesting activities we could be indulging in on this first day of the year 2021. The lucky thing is that we can still pursue options to make the day enjoyable and successful.

New year’s day parade

Some of us might want to get a head-start with the new year's resolutions and clean and organize our closet. There is that series you have wanted to watch, but this is the right time to watch your favorite movie series. If you have a book to read, now it is the time. If you want to get into outdoor activities, check out the reverse parade, outdoor festival, or virtual fun run near you that is still happening in compliance with COVID 19 restrictions. Participate in a charity cause to make those vulnerable in society smile with you during this new year's celebration.

New year’s day brunch

For some of us who are fans of food, starting the day with brunch in the morning and go all the way to the lucky day's dish for dinner should be the priority of the day. Did you include pomegranates, Hoppin John, Herring pickles, pork, or any food considered to bring luck and good fortune? What about bottles of champagne? I think you should. Anyway, prepare for happy feasting on January 1st, 2021!

Are stores open on new year's day?

Some could be open, and some might be closed. If you thought of going out to shop during this first day of the year, think again. Shops might open half-day while others might close completely. To avoid amusement during this special day of the year, shop earlier.

Is new year's day a bank holiday

Even though January 1st falls on a working day – Friday, most banks consider the first day of the year a holiday. It is even enshrined in the law in some countries. After January 1st, the next bank holiday comes on Good Friday, April 2nd, and Easter Monday, April 5th.


Even though this new year's day will be different due to COVID 19, not everything is lost. People will still have fun but strictly in compliance with rules and regulations laid down to curb the virus's spread.