New Year New Me

New Year New Me


As the year comes to an end, it is common to hear someone say ‘new year new me!’ We are positive; we are leaving the troubles of 2020 behind as we cross over to 2021. Why must we feel rejuvenated and a whole lot different when the clock strikes midnight? A new dawn has come; a new opportunity to rewrite the story of our lives is here.

New year meaning

It is the first day of a new calendar year. I am talking about January 1st. However, many cultures have attached different emphasis on this day. Some people take this day as a secular day where people overindulge in food and drinks plus romance. Other people take this day from a different angle all together; paying off debts, starting afresh, reflecting on the shortcomings of the past year, returning borrowed items, reconciling, and so much more. Everything we do on new year's eve and the day has significance for the rest of the year. At least, that's what most cultures believe and teach.

New year new me

We are often so hard on ourselves, especially during this time of the year. When we reflect upon the success and the progress we made during the past year; surely, there is no need to start a new me. Instead, we might want to continue to work on our progress and maybe improve on the past year's shortcomings. Assume you are watching weight by eating less and healthy; suppose you eat normal and healthy plus exercise regularly. What difference can it make in your life? Food for thought! I know it isn't easy to manage appetite.

New year same me

Here is how to build on what the past year has brought to us and maybe resetting goals to achieve even more:

Recognize and accept our emotions: Even though our story in social media is different, no one is always happy. There comes a time when we are down emotionally and those times when everything is fine. But if we uphold self-love, it means we are holding ourselves to a reasonable standard. We must acknowledge the fact that there are better days and those that are not. We might want to tailor our self-regulations and rules to promote our well-being.

Set boundaries: For posterity, we must set boundaries to protect and nurture our relationships with others. We must say nowhere it is due to avoid pleasing others, and we hurt ourselves in the end.

Forgive and accept ourselves: Mistakes are inevitable in life; when they happen, we need to forgive ourselves and accept the mistakes that have happened. Holding on to the past mistakes will hurt our ambitions. Instead, we should appreciate the efforts to fix past mistakes and move forward.

Make time for ourselves: As much as our schedule is fixed, we have a social obligation to observe. Set some time to treat ourselves, take some time off to relax, and reflect on our achievements. We set for our self-care during this time; we should indulge in hobbies that rejuvenate and bring us joy. 

A new me

As we wrap up 2020 in style, we have personal ambitions for the new year 2021. If you aspire losing weight, stick to healthy food and recipes; this time of the year is right for you to make such resolutions.  If you have a bad habit, you have always wanted to part ways in vain, again, this is the right time to take a stern position and say no. Whatever your case, making resolutions and planning a strategy to attain a new you is the only way out. And the right time is during the new year's resolution. Even Saul was transformed forever to Paul at the stroke of lightning on his way to Damascus. If you trust and believe there will be a new you in 2021, so be it.

New year new me quote.

It is common to hear people say ‘new year new me quote’ as the year comes to an end and prepare to receive the new year. The quote has a literal meaning, in that the new year has come that allows us to rewrite the wrongs of the past year. It means the year has ended, and we have the opportunity to improve the version of what we were in 2020. In the same spirit of wishing ourselves the best in the new year, we indulge in new traditions that we believe give us good luck and the year filled with good fortunes.


As we celebrate the new year and aspire to have a new year, new me, there is a lot that we cannot change about ourselves. And there is no point in creating a new us. Instead, we can build upon it. Doesn't that sound, right? So, a new year new me means taking stern resolutions and planning to achieve whatever they are.