New Year's Eve Traditions in USA

New Year's Eve Traditions in USA

Americans carry out new year’s eve traditions on the last day of the month like other people worldwide. Fireworks, midnight smooching, and champagne or any liquor are some of the ways new years’ eve is celebrated in the US. Many US residents enjoy this day with family and friends, while some prefer to attend public celebrations amongst revellers.

New year’s eve traditions the USA

Time Square:

Approximately one million people attend to watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square. Many people turn on their TV sets on December 31st to witness the crystal ball drop every year. New York City has hosted since 1907 a massive party on Times Square, say for two world war II years. People attend Times Square for the crystal ball drop and musical performances, fireworks, and alcohol-free partying.

Midnight countdown:

New year's eve traditions revolve around the midnight countdown that usher in the new year. You don't want to miss the countdown to the new year 2021! People gather in both private and public to witness the last ten seconds of the old year. And to unveil the new year at exactly midnight. It is a tradition for people to toast bottles of champagne while others grab friendly strangers for the year's first kiss. At the same time, many cities showcase fireworks, and noise-making meant to scare off evil spirits. Some Americans band together to sing 'Auld Lang Syne,' bidding farewell to the past year.

Symbolic foods:

Americas eat certain food during new year's eve or day to bring them good luck for the rest of the coming year. Europeans and Americans eat pork not because the pig is plump for the plenty. They dig with their snout forward, symbolizing moving forward in the new year. Englanders eat pork with cabbage as a sign of prosperity; hoppin' John is another dish for prosperity made from black-eyed peas. The black-eyed peas symbolize an entire year and abundance, hence getting an abundant amount of money.

New year's day traditions

New year's day is marked with happiness and celebrations on January 1st every year. Fireworks often mark this new year holiday as we reflect on the past year and look forward to future possibilities. Different cultures celebrate this day in unique ways, champagne, and a variety of foods. People mark the new year with newly found happiness. Toasting is often synonymous with new year's celebration, while in the coastal region, the splashing of water on one another symbolizes cleansing or rebirth.

New year's symbols

The new year is celebrated in many ways by different cultures. Chinese have their ways and symbols of celebrating the new year, so the Greeks, Americas, Spaniards, etc. For example, Americans use the picture of an infant as a symbol of the new year and an older man's picture to represent the past year. Another popular symbol of the new year is a clock with hands pointed at midnight.

New year's food traditions in America

In America, champagne, confetti, and noisemakers are new year's staple foods. Black-eyed peas, lentils, herrings, and grapes are so in some parts of the country and other countries. Let's look at some of the traditional dishes that people believe bring good fortune to the coming new year.

Hoppin' John: Usually, a mix of black-eyed peas, pork, and rice originated from enslaved Africans in the US. The dish is believed to be a good-luck meal.

King cake: Sweet ringed cake with colourful toppings and icing, baked with a trinket inside, the person who gets the trinket is considered the king or the queen of the day and is bound to the boastful year ahead.

Soba noodles: Toshikoshi soba is a new way to cross the old year to the new year. The long thin noodles symbolize long life. Soba noodles date back to the 13th and 14th centuries when the lords or temples treated the populace to soba noodles on new year’s eve.

Twelve lucky grapes: In some places, people pop champagne while others eat grapes at the stroke of midnight as they usher in the new year.

Lentils: They are common to Italians new year's eve feast. One dish of the round-shaped legumes is presumed to bring good luck and financial abundance to those included in the feast. Served with pork, and as you already know, pigs are also considered lucky.

Pickled herring: Fish is a symbol of fertility, and its silver colour represents fortune, hence popular as a new year's eve dish in several cultures.

In conclusion

America ends the year with fireworks and celebrations. I hope you have drawn some inspiration on how to end 2020 in style and usher in 2021 filled with prosperity and good luck. Food is the backbone for the season's holiday, and you can learn how to cook traditional US food or go out eating in restaurants and hotels. And don’t forget to make clear resolutions for 2021 and religiously strive to achieve before the new year becomes old again.