What to do for New Year’s Eve

What to do for New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all parts of the world. There will be celebrations on this New Year’s Eve as well but there have to be new and safe ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This is because the world is trying hard to come out of the global pandemic of COVID-19 and crowding needs to be avoided as much as it can be. However, many people around the world are being vaccinated against coronavirus and there is more to come in 2021, so 2021’s New Year Eve would be unique of its own kind regarding New Year’s celebrations, parties, and other traditions.

New Year’s Eve at Home: Even when you are not going to any party and you're planning to spend New Year's Eve in the warmth of your home, you can always rejoice 365 days of joy! These are some ideas that you can use to enjoy New Year's Eve inside your home

  • Write your favorite memories on a memory board and hang it in the house.

  • Dance with your siblings.

  • Arrange a thematic sleepover. You can do it with your family or friends. The theme can include pajamas to wear and breakfast the next morning.

  • Create a confetti bar and blast the confetti with your buddies from the balcony.

  • Try to mimic your favorite singer's music show with your friends.

  • Cook your family or loved ones an incredible meal.

  • Make New Year’s Resolution together with your friends

  • Dim the house lights and enjoy scented candles as the clock hits 12.

  • Make a big hot chocolate container in the house. Place sprinkles, whipped cream on the side and marshmallows and serve it to your guests.

  • The tradition in Denmark is to climb up and then jump off the chair as the clock strikes 12; you can do the same in the United Kingdom!

  • Create a brief video of your fine memories and watch it again with your friends. It would be a sweet journey down the memory road.

  • Create a short time capsule questionnaire telling your friends about their favourite movies last year and what they want to do in the New Year. Mix them and let everyone spontaneously ask a question.

  • Make a self-serving countdown with marshmallows! You can use edible paint to write numbers from 10 to 0 on the marshmallows.

Last but not the least, you can

  • Customize some picture props to catch the evening's enthusiasm with "Goodbye 2020," "2021, I can't wait" or "Cheers 2021."

New Year Day party

New Year Eve’s parties are a historical tradition and everyone either wants to go to an amazing party or wants to host one. If you want to host a New Year Eve party at your home, you would need a perfect sound system because dancing is all people want to do on New Year Eve’s party. A perfect sound system will give amazing sound effects and it will make people go crazy and enjoy like they have never had before. So, get your hands on some very good quality sound system that will take your in house party to a next level.

Party blinds are another important requirement for the party. Even without any event, blinds are needed inside the house to control the light effects coming from outside. But for your New Year Eve’s Party, party blinds will not let everyone outside your house to peek in and see the kind of party you are having. Rather, they’ll make your party very exclusive and only those at the party will be enjoying the party.

While 2020 is coming to a close, it's more crucial than ever to continue becoming diligent regarding COVID-19 protection activities including social distancing, wearing face masks, and restricting person to person interaction as often as possible. The Centers for Disease Control recently released their official holiday recommendations, with the main trend being that individuals should restrict their celebrations to households in order to lower the chance of COVID-19 spread. This means that if you are arranging a party at your home, you have to be even more careful about the spread of people because health always comes first. For your party, face masks would be the first preference to minimize the risk of the virus spread. You can even make wearing the face masks more attractive and less annoying by making “covered faces” a theme. Everyone coming at the party would be more creative about the masks they wear and they’ll enjoy wearing them.