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Auto Europe Car Rentals

The cost of shipping, the clearance or customs charges, and the general stress that comes with them make shipping a car for international use a bad idea. Car rentals are the closest alternative to getting a car for easy mobility during your travels away from home. Rented cars are valuable for the period you will spend on your business or personal trips instead of being stranded in a country you are unfamiliar with. Before choosing a car rental service that can suit your need and purpose, you must consider their terms and conditions to see if they match yours. How can you find such a suitable car rental service? How would you know their system of service? If you value the credibility of service providers, how would you know if they are credible enough to be trusted? You can check the online reviews of different car services to aid your search.


Auto Europe Car Rentals has provided its customers with an international car rental service since they were started in 1954 by Alex Cecil. The firm also rents sports, luxury, motorhome, and airport car services. Their service has expanded to include travel planning too. They are based in Portland, Maine.

Auto Europe Car Rentals Service

Clients can rent their cars all over the world – except for a selected few – emphasizing popular destinations such as Paris, Nice, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and many other countries. They offer airport car service as well in some of these countries. Auto Europe’s services are not only meant for travelers. Their service is available for clients interested in road trips or rental car classes. Even though it mainly started as a car rental service, Auto Europe offers travel planning services. Patrons can therefore acquire their service to plan a trip around Europe or even provide information on car rental insurance.

Payment, Pick-up, and Cancelation Policy

The reservation of the company’s rental vehicles can be done either online or over the phone. An email is then sent to the customer containing the transaction details. The scheduled time of your car’s pick-up is also specified in this voucher. The company further advises customers to read through the terms and conditions provided on their voucher before accepting their service. It is important to note that some countries worldwide require travelers to have an International driver’s license before they can be permitted to use the road. The company has several pick-up zones worldwide except for some selected countries. You can check out the list of countries that are not on their list on the company’s website. Clients are allowed to cancel their car rental 48 hours before pick-up. This cancelation is done at no extra cost to the client.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Auto Europe Car Rentals

Have you recently used the service of this company? Your honest review of their service quality is important to guide inexperienced buyers in their service choice. Do you think they are reliable? Several travelers have been looking for a car rental service that they can depend on. Do you think the Auto Europe car rentals service is the one for them? Your experience and feedback are also important for market research. Leave a customer review of your positive or negative observations about this company’s service.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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