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Dragon Door

Living a healthy life should be everyone’s priority and goal. However, such a lifestyle requires a lot of commitment, sacrifices, and time. If one keeps considering these required commitments, they might end up giving excuses. One factor that prevents a lot of people from engaging in exercises is time constraints. Most people are so preoccupied with their careers, that they pay little or no attention to their health. When one considers the importance of living a fit lifestyle, time constraints might not necessarily be an excuse.

For fitness enthusiasts who might not be privileged to engage in their fitness and strength-building activities, probably due to their current environment, a mobile fitness device will be very helpful. Such devices come in different forms and are easily mobile. Dragon Door claims to provide hardcore training tools for strength and bodybuilding. However, we suggest you read independent Dragon Door past customer reviews here, before engaging in their services.

About Dragon Door

Dragon Door is a home fitness company founded by John Du Cane in 1991. The company claims to have strong links with the elite military, law enforcement, and martial artists. The company claims to celebrate and cultivate toughness, emphasizing that they are a one-stop-place for various resources for developing ruggedness, durability, and resilience.

The founder claims to have been a dedicated student of tai chi since 1975. He also adds that he was a track player, a rugby player, and a yogi as a teenager. Dragon Door boasts of launching the modern kettlebell revolution in 2001. They also emphasized that they developed a system for rapid weight loss and immense gains in strength and power.

Products and services of Dragon Door

Dragon Door claims to offer fast, effective strength training resources using isometrics, bodyweight exercise, and kettlebells. Some of their top products include the convict conditioning book, enter the kettlebell book, RKC kettlebell, the kettlebell goddess workout video, Viking warrior conditioning book, the extreme kettlebell cardio workout video, beyond building book, and more.

Dragon Door kettlebell is said to be a workout tool of choice for special forces and fighters. The brand assures customers that the hand-held gym delivers a mix of all-purpose strength and conditioning, melts fat without the dishonor of aerobics, and forges a classic physique.

Dragon Door also claims to offer hardstyle kettlebell instructor certification programs, the HKC and RKC. They further emphasized that they are recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an approved continuing education provider.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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