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Astor Chocolate

Have you tasted anything as delightful as a bar of chocolate? Did it induce a new craving for such a sweet, special food item? If you have, you must understand what the fuss is all about when people spend huge sums on bars of chocolates.

However, with a proliferation of luxury chocolate makers, it is not easy to find one which will make your taste buds alive with flavors. A quick search online for chocolate brands may give you endless results. How do you sift through loads of information? You may come across a chocolate manufacturing company like Astor Chocolate, but how do you determine its credibility and quality? Is Astor Chocolate good? This is something customer reviews can help you achieve. Reading Astor Chocolate customer reviews will help you encounter the experiences of others who have tasted some of their products.

About Astor Chocolate

Astor Chocolate was created and founded by Erwin Grunhut. The company's headquarters is located in Lakewood, New Jersey. His love of chocolate is why Astor chocolate Corporation has its place among global chocolate brands. Astor Chocolate Corporation was founded in 1950 in New York and has been ever-present in the chocolate and specialty food industry.

Astor has HAACP certification, and its establishment is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. These certifications are an indication of quality.
Aside from being certified Kosher, they have ample recognition through the Global Food Safety Initiative based on SQF's Food Safety Code for Manufacturing and Food Quality Code for Confectionary and Snack Packaging Products.

Products and Services of Astor Chocolate

Astor Chocolate produces and distributes creatively-woven chocolate confections, squares, tablets, and bars made by their experienced hands in the US., including snacks and specialty food products. There are different collections to choose from, accessible on their website. These collections include squares, 100 Calorie collection, Botanical, Astor Gourmet Gifting, Peanuts collection, Moodibars, S'mores Kit, Liquor & Dessert Shot Cups, and Vegan Truffles Box. You can view each collection to get a list of delicacies and flavors.

Astor Chocolate's services extend into different industries, including Travel Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service. Thus, it is not uncommon to encounter us at restaurants, Cafeterias, health care establishments, stadiums, airports, government organizations, and academic venues.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Astor Chocolate

Have you had Astor Chocolate truffles, liquor cups, 100 Calorie Bar, or other Astor Chocolate products delivered to you before? What are your thoughts about their chocolate delights? Did it taste as expected? What about their customer service? Have you tasted any of their Belgian-envisioned delights, and how was the experience? What do you think of the quality of their service? Do you think there are ways Astor Chocolate can improve?

You can help us with your views and opinions through your honest customer experience and feedback. This will not only help them realize their lapses and work towards improving on them but also help other chocolate enthusiasts have an idea of what they do and offer at Astor Chocolate.

Your feedback will help others read customer reviews about Astor chocolate, which is one of the ways to find ample information about companies. Thus, we look forward to hearing from you.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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