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The practice of boiling broth has been in existence for a very long time. Broths are mostly made from animal bones as a source of nutrition and a hot stew on cold nights. These days, canned foods and snacks have taken over most of our diets, so health-conscious people should have a bowl of broth sometimes. Broths are made to be tasty and with a satisfying aroma. Anything that does not fit this requirement is badly made and can be a source of another round of health issues. Therefore, you should not only keep an eye on your broth order but also carefully consider the restaurant you want to order from. You can get the guidance of past customers by reading the customer reviews of food stores in the US.

About Brodo and Its Product

Chef Marco Canora opened Brodo’s door in 2014 at East Village, New York City. Since then, the shop has made and delivered broth soup to customers in the United States while making arrangements for the order to be preserved with eco-friendly insulation when it is frozen. Apart from the online presence, the store also has physical shops in the US with a presence on the frozen shelves of several grocery stores. They also have an application that can be used to access their service. The brand has always maintained that its broth can hydrate, contains collagen protein, strengthen joints, and promotes gut health. They have a non-meat option for vegans too.

How Does Brodo Boil Its Broth?

Since you are purchasing a food product, you have to be aware of the process of making it so that you can conclude whether it is healthy enough for you or not. Broth making is an age-long tradition of boiling bones for medical or nutritional purposes. Brodo gets its animal bones from cooperatives and family farms. You can visit their website to follow their complete process and note their ingredients.

Brodo Payment Methods, Discount, and Subscription

You can buy the restaurant’s soups by paying to confirm your order. They accept this payment through American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Instead, you can opt for physical purchase in their New York City broth shop. You can unlock their discount offer with a 2-4 weeks recurring order. You will be charged the full price if you cancel immediately after this timeframe. You are allowed to subscribe to the delivery of this store’s products as frequently as you specify in your order. You can make corrections to your broth orders, change the frequency of the delivery, pause your subscription, or even cancel it.

Brodo Return Policy

If their product does not satisfy you after it has been delivered, the store advises that you contact their customer service to discuss a possible solution. The decision on whether to accept a return or not rests with them.

Customer Reviews for Brodo

How satisfied were you with the products of this company? How did you make your order, and were you satisfied with it? Your review must be based on a personal experience since your opinion may affect the credibility of this company. Customers tend to go for shops with more positive reviews since they are more reliable based on customer satisfaction. Brodo may also use your opinion to evaluate where it needs to improve its services. Would you recommend them to other customers that may be interested in buying their product? Kindly share your experience and feedback to answer these questions.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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