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California Tea House

A cup of tea can be the perfect thing you need to start your day. It is an ideal conversation starter, a medicinal herb, an anti-cholesterol, strengthening the immune system. The purpose of tea can be medicinal or therapeutical. Are you a tea person? Then you are probably looking for a shop to purchase your tea products from. Perhaps there is a particular tea collection you are looking for?
One of these tea shops is the California Tea House. Now, are you confused by the numerous tea shops around you? Do you feel reluctant to trust them? If your table of choice has made you indecisive, read California Tea House reviews and customer reviews to make up your mind.

About California Tea House

California Tea House is an online and offline American family-owned business specializing in loose leaf tea leaves and organic teas. The shop began as an offline tea vendor in California before taking its business to the internet for a wider market. Their tea leaves are made in California with different flavors and sauces. They sell mostly custom loose leaf tea. They own afternoon tea houses in California, where you can go to get a good cup of coffee during the day.

California Tea House Products

You can get different loose leaf tea from their California Tea House website. They sell teas for health. These are medicinal teas used for therapeutic and physical purposes. Their medicinal tea for health can be used to treat a heart ailment, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, tea for high cholesterol, tea for Parkinson's disease, memory loss, dental, and weight loss. You can purchase their green, black, white, oolong, chamomile, and rooibos teas for your medicinal purposes. Their organic blooming teas are also available for sale.
California Tea House's blog within the website gives information on new products, their product usage, health tips, and California Tea House discounts. You can visit them to ask questions as well while purchasing their teas. You can purchase teawares such as teacups, tea kettles, and gift certificates. California Tea House sells teas wholesale to interested dealers.

California Tea House’s Payment, Delivery, and Shipping

California Tea House accepts payment from debit and credit cards. They offer customers who sign up on their websites 15% off California Tea House coupons, discounts, and specials. Their tea club is also notified of flash sales, new products, and sale news.

You are also eligible for a significant discount on purchases if you subscribe to their monthly or quarterly tea delivery. In case any of their products are not available, there are provisions for you to request notifications once they are in stock. California Tea House offers free shipping for all products.

Contact California Tea House

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @californiateahouse

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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