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This popular adage says, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." and that's for the kids. For an adult, say 21 years above, it ought to be "all work and no fun makes Jack a dull man." And there's no kind of fun without drinks to spice things up, say wine, beer, liquor, etc. It's one thing to want a drink; it's another thing to be too occupied or busy to get it or start scrolling through the browser searching for where and how to get them. ReviewsBird gives you detailed reviews on drinks, beer, wine, and liquor by introducing one of the numerous companies that deal in such things—Drizly.

All You Need To Know About Drizly

Drizly is a technology company that links local liquor retailers with the buyers; more like bringing beer and wine to your doorstep rather than going out to get them. Timesaving? Yeah. The company was founded in 2012 by Justin Robinson, Spencer Frazier, and Nick Rellas with the sole aim of helping local stores deliver beer, wine, and liquor —a company based in North America. Drizly has about 32 investors, including Tiger Global Management and Avenir Global Capital, with their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, US., where they partner with thousands of retailers in more than 1300 cities.

Aside from the website, Drizly has an app where Android and iPhone users can order drinks, with more than 1900 available products; wine, soda, non-alcoholic drinks, etc. Drizly has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, USA Today, and others. Drizly operates in the following cities but is not limited to; Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, etc. To find out if they operate in an unlisted city in North America, contact their customer service through the details below or visit their website, where you'd be allowed to fill out a form and make inquiries.

What You Can Get On Drizly And How To Get Them

On Drizly, you can get beer, wine, and liquor by browsing through several drinks, choosing a store to get them from within your location, and having them delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour. Drizly accepts only recognized debit and credit cards as payment. They don't accept payments through PayPal, Google pay, Apple Pay, and even cash. Drizly does not upcharge on any item, but customers are made to pay a fixed minimum amount for delivery and service fee.

It's important to note that according to the legal age of alcohol consumption, Drizly only sells alcohol to those of legal age. Drizly alcohol delivery does not sell alcohol to ages 20 and below and is not given access to their sites either. Customers can also send alcohol as a gift by clicking on the "gift" checkbox in the cart. Drizly also allows customers to add a gift note if they wish. On delivery, if a customer wants to change a delivery address, they will be asked to pay for canceled orders as the case may be. It's pertinent to note that on Drizly, there's a massive difference between delivery and shipment orders. While the former is handled by the retail partners and delivered within an hour, the former utilizes a third-party courier—FedEx and UPS and might take several business days.

Reviews, Tips, and Compliments For Drizly

Have you ever bought a drink on Drizly? Did you enjoy their services or not? Are their drinks costly compared to other stores? These drizzly reviews help us inform potential customers about a company's service and how they function. Therefore it'd be nice if you drop your customer review so others can be kept abreast of how the company operates. Your experience and feedback are highly needed.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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