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Go Raw Honey LLC

Honey can be considered a natural sweetener that is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins and has many benefits. Honey is used for various treatments such as wound healing, bronchial asthma, hiccups, eczema, tuberculosis, and many more. When pure and unfiltered, it can give you all the minerals and vitamins you need. If you are interested in purchasing honey online but unsure where to get quality undiluted honey, you can research online to find the kind of honey you need. The easiest way for your research is to read online customer reviews of brands such as Go Raw Honey, which offers natural and pure honey products. You must research before purchasing any product to avoid future disappointments.

About Go Raw Honey LLC

The founder of Go Raw Honey LLC is Daniel Sem, who grew up in a family of farmers. The company provides raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, pure honey. Its mission is to create a space where small family-owned apiaries can get their honey to people who value unfiltered, raw, and pure honey.

Products of Go Raw Honey LLC

Go Raw Honey offers various products such as flavored honey sticks, Raw Honey jars, Bulk raw honey, and all honey sticks. There are also unique raw varietals and Go Raw Honey gift cards for customers.

Payment and Delivery Information of Go Raw Honey LLC

Payment can be processed using Maestro, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal. Raw Honey coupons help you get discounts and save money. Placing your order is easy when you visit their website. The company ships to various destinations. Contact their customer care service for more information on the company’s service using the helpline (888-918-1331) or email (info@gorawhoney.com).

Returning and Refunding Policy of Go Raw Honey LLC

Customers are permitted to return their items if unsatisfied within 30 days. However, at least 70% of the honey is required to remain in the honey jar to be accepted for return. A refund will be processed along with the original shipping charge for that particular item. If it were shipped in a group with other products, only the shipping cost of that item would be refunded. Contact the company directly on their website through their support form to return a product. You can tell them why you are returning the product and are unsatisfied with it.

Tips, Complaints, and Compliments for Go Raw Honey

Are you a frequent buyer of honey? Have you ever purchased a product from gorawhoney.com? How can you tell if their product is authentic? Were you satisfied with the taste of their honey? Did you request a refund due to dissatisfaction? Will you purchase from them again? What Go Raw Honey products or services do you like? Did the company leave a good impression on you? Say something about Go Raw Honey that you want other customers to know. Kindly share your experience with Go Raw Honey reviews to help other prospective customers find authentic products. Your experience and feedback will help the company improve its products and services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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