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Perdue Farms

Farm fresh produce has more nutritional value since it is selected at its peak maturity when it is freshest and most nutritious. In contrast to commercial farms, there is no artificial lighting, artificial air, temperature variations, additional chemicals, or lengthy transportation times that degrade the nutritious value of the food. Eating locally also allows you to interact with the farmers and ask them any queries about their produce or farming practices. Produce with superior soil and procedures for growing that are more environmentally friendly often tastes better. Reading the customer review section before making purchases is usually a good idea.

About Perdue Farms

In 1920, the same year that his wife Pearl gave birth to their son Franklin Parsons Perdue, Arthur Perdue established his poultry business. Frank began assisting with the family business as soon as he was old enough to hold an egg. Instead of selling table eggs, the Perdues began selling newborn chicks to neighboring farmers in 1925. By spending money on the greatest breeding stock, Arthur quickly developed a reputation for raising chicks of exceptional quality. Through diligence, thrift, and a dedication to quality, Perdue's business remained robust despite the stock market meltdown. As neighboring farmers regarded Arthur as a man of integrity, the Perdues' poultry operation grew. Frank quit his unimpressive undergraduate baseball career in 1939 to work as the second-paid associate in his father's company. The business bid goodbye to Frank Perdue in 2005 and continued to uphold quality, reliability, and service as a tribute to his legacy. A new logo honoring the original Perdue family farmhouse denoted the company's 85th birthday and recognized "a family dedication to quality since 1920®."

Products and Services of Perdue Farms

At Perdue, you will find a variety of meats and foods. Items include Boneless Chicken Breast, Whole Chicken, Tenderloins, Thighs, Legs, Wings, Steaks, Ground Beef, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ribs, Roasts, and Briskets, turkey and lamb.

Additional Services of Perdue Farms

Tuesday and Wednesday are Perdue Farms shipping days from our warehouse using UPS. Orders received by 9 a.m. ET or earlier will be processed on the same day. After 9 a.m. ET, orders will be processed the following shipping business day (Tuesday or Wednesday). After being processed and delivered from our facilities, shipments take about five business days to reach their destination. The processing, picking, packing, and shipping of your purchase may take up to 10 days, depending on your location, the date of your order, and the weather where you are. Your shipment will include dry ice or frozen carbon dioxide. When you receive your box, most of the ice, if not all, should be gone. It's very cold when using dry ice. If it comes into contact with exposed flesh, it could cause serious frostbite. Care must be taken when using dry ice. Avoid touching your lips, eyes, or skin. Pick up dry ice with gloves on at all times. You can submit your email address on the website if you have any further questions.

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Have you shopped with Perdue Farms? Was your experience pleasant? When receiving your order, was the dry ice enough to keep the quality of the meat? How long did your delivery take to arrive? Share your feedback by writing a customer review.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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