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Everyone loves to receive gifts from people they care about. Gifts are ways we show love and genuine care to our friends and families. It could come in cards or money. But do you know you can send food gift baskets to your friends and loved ones? Sending food or fruit gifts basket delivery to someone doesn't necessarily mean there has to be a special occasion. Your food gifts may go a long way to someone who loves cake fruits or Dried fruits cake. Looking for an online company to deliver fresh fruits or food items to you and your friends? Pittman & Davis is an option. You may be keen on online food delivery stores. You can always read reviews to learn from other customers' experiences.

About Pittman & Davis

Pittman and Davis is an online food delivery store that delivers food and fruit items as gifts. Having been in business for almost a century, Pittman and Davis have taken pride in delivering sumptuous food items to their satisfied customers. In 1920, Frank Davis, who had worked for a large mail store, wanted a better job. His path changed when he met a local fruit farmer Howard Pittman whose major goal was to sell his fruits through mail orders. The desires of both men sparked a good friendship between them, and they both indicated the idea of selling fruits through mail order.

Products And Services Of Pittman And Davis

There are a lot of options Pittman and Davis offers to you as a customer. If you're keen on sending a fruit gift to your loved ones, you can get all types of fruits available. Peaches, Mangoes, Nectarines, Cherries, and a lot more. You can send these fruits conveniently during the spring and summer seasons because these are spring and summer fruits. If you're keen on sending citrus fruits to a friend who is a fan of them, you can always find varieties of well-grown and firm citrus fruits. Are you a fan of fall fruits? Pittman and Davis have varieties of fall fruits you can send to friends and families. Pittman and Davis don't just want you to send a sympathy or anniversary gift to someone without sending them something to make them smile and beam with happiness. You can send varieties of fruit cakes, dried nuts, fruit trays, or Anniversary gifts to your friends and families.

If you have a loved one who has a sweet tooth and loves sweet things, you can send them sweet gifts. These sweet gifts have varieties like Cookie gifts, Candy gifts, Chocolate gifts, pastry gifts, and much more. Savory gifts can be a better option if you wish to send something different from all that sweet taste. You can do your loved one a great favor at the dinner by sending them Smoked Meat Gifts or Cheese Gifts. You may not want to send cooked food gifts to them. You can send corporate gifts by signing them up for regular Citrus Supply club delivery. They get the privilege of having citruses like lemon, Grapes delivered to their doorstep.

Return Policy of Pittman & Davis

If you or your loved ones are unsatisfied with the food gift items, Pittman and Davis are ready to refund your money or replace any item you want.

Tips And Feedback for Pittman And Davis

Have you ever ordered a food gift from Pittman and Davis? Did you like the customer service? What was the quality of the food? You can help other prospective buyers by dropping your customer review on our platform. You can also give us your experience and feedback on what you think the company can do to serve you better.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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