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RIND Snacks

In this modern age where everyone is sometimes too busy to spend quality time in the kitchen, Snacking has become part of the deliciousness of our lives as humans. You could just pick certain snacks and much in them all day while you either work or concentrate on something else. Snacks are food that compliments real food.
As easy and convenient as it is to become obsessed with a crunchy snack list, it can be disastrous to the body if care is not taken. It is not a myth that too much of snacks which people refer to as "junk foods," interferes with the body's buildup and increases calories. This is primarily why you need to munch on healthy snacks if you're going to have any snacks at all. Not only will you be filling your body with good nutritional values you will also be practicing a healthy lifestyle
Rind Snacks is one place on the internet you can always get healthy snacks to munch on. Many snack stores sell healthy snacks, but you may not know how honest or true their claims may be. You may need to know about the reviews of nutrition snacks sellers to know which is good enough for you.

About Rind Snacks

Rind Snacks is a healthy snack store that sells safe and healthy snacks for healthy living. Founded by Matt Weis, Rind Snacks was born from the inspiration of Helen Seitner, a passionate advocate of healthy food. She made it a rule to use carrot juices for all her baking and used wheat flour for baking instead of white flour. Matt was inspired by the benefit of her lifestyle, which made her have glowing orange skin and vital life of 100 years. To honor grandma Helen, healthy snacks became the norm for Matt and his family.
With its great mission of curbing food waste and saving lots of calories, Rind Snacks has saved more than three hundred thousand people a healthy lifestyle.

Products And Services Of Rind Snacks

Rind Snacks provide you with nutritional snacks and nutritional snack recipes for different fruits. Chewy and Crispy chips from fruits like Apple, Orange, Kiwis, Coco Melon, and Pineapple.
You can always get varieties of chewy Skin-on dried fruits of any fruit flavor chips you want. These chips are not just chewy and tasty with fruit flavors. They are crispy, crunchy, and easy to digest as they are thinly cut. These packs of fruit chips come in different sizes. There is variety 6, 8, and its highest, Variety 12 pack.

Shipping And Refund Policy Of Rind Snacks

No matter where you reside in the US, Rind Snacks ships to all states in the US. When you place an order on Sundays or any holiday may not be delivered or may take longer for it to be delivered. Shipping orders may take as much or less than 2-4 days. Delivery may take about 5-7 days, depending on the weather condition. If you live in the continental part of the US, you can enjoy free shipping orders for any snack you purchase. For states like Hawaii and Alaska, there is a discount shipping offer of $25.
To return a purchase, you have about thirty days to do that. If it exceeds that, it may not be accepted anymore, and you will not be refunded your money.
To return a purchase, Send an email to


For wholesale inquiries and sales sheets, please contact:
TEL: 877-351-8664
130 Seventh Avenue, Suite 130
New York, New York 10011

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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