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Food is essential to us as humans and is part of our existence. Nonetheless, Good food makes us happy and relaxed. Having a variety of food is one good thing you should do for yourself. Plates of seafood are one of the richest types of food you can ever have. The ocean is covered in different wild fish and animals that serve nutritional value to the body when cooked, from salmon fish to crabs to oysters. You can never get enough of the wonders of nature. Because of how satisfying and nutritional sea foods are to us as humans, A lot of effort and time is always used in getting sea foods for daily consumption. Sometimes it's not easy to get. Sometimes it can be quite expensive. is a store that has varieties of sea foods for your perusal. You can have dinners, luncheons, and seafood snacks with well-prepared varieties of sea foods. To know how effectively Seabear operates as an online food store, read reviews from past customers.


Located in Anacortes in Washington, was introduced by Tom Savidge and his wife Marie, who were local fishermen selling smoked salmon fish to taverns. By 1971, the taverns liked salmon fish so much and wanted more of it. They asked Tom to preserve it for them. Tom used that opportunity to think outside the box, and he packaged the fish in parcels that preserved the fish to prevent them from spoiling. This move by Tom had travelers take the packaged fish with them. By 2008, Tom's special packaged salmon had become quite popular worldwide. Renowned chefs wanted to replicate this salmon so everyone could taste it. In 2017, it had grown quite popular with the people of Anacortes celebrating and dedicating July 29th as Seabear day.

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If you're a lover of all kinds of seafood dishes, you have first-hand experience eating wild Smoked Salmon fish packaged in different ways. As Gift boxes, as lots, and as salmon dishes. You and your family or friends can have a special seafood dinner enjoying a variety of dinner fillets fish recipes like sablefish and black codfishes. Best of what you've ever had in your home by yourself. These sea foods are frozen to a high temperature to preserve and make them nutritionally good enough when defrosted. Do you know how nutritious sea crabs and shellfishes are to the body? They contain high nutritional values that aid in boosting a good immune system. At Seabear, Dungeness crabs come in different either comes in raw uncooked forms where you can make dinner with it, or it comes in rolls or Mac and cheese crabs delicacy

You may be too engrossed to make your dinner. Seabear has ready-to-eat seafood bags and pouches you can eat anywhere, any time, or any day. Because there is something for everyone, your pets are not excluded from having a thrill at some salmon seafood. They are seafood for dog and cat treats specially cooked and ready to share.

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Different shipping rates depend on which seafood you purchase and how you want them delivered. If you don't want your food to be frozen and just delivered in its natural state, you pay a flat rate of 8.99 dollars. Your order will be shipped within seven two hours. To order kinds of seafood that are iced and frozen, you pay a flat rate of $19.99, and it is expected to arrive within two days after you've placed your order. To serve its customers with the rich ocean bounty, Seabear will take back any food item you wish to return and replace it with anyone you want.

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Have you ever patronized Seabear? Did you like the customer care services? Not only that, was the seafood quality good enough or not? You can share all these things in your customer review and feedback. You can help many people looking for good and trusted seafood stores and products with your experience, and all you will have to do is leave a review on our platform.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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