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Secrets Of Tea

Lovers of tea say tea is life. Tea calms the mind and body, and it helps replenish our strength. Herbal tea promotes our health and increases our comfort and nourishment. Secrets of Tea has every tea product needed to better health for adults and children. To find which tea can relieve your baby’s constipation, stop your morning sickness, cure your baby’s colic, help you conceive, and guide you through your maternity, weight loss, postpartum, fertility, and relief of your stress, search ReviewsBird to help you find your choice.

ReviewsBird collects information on different brands like Secrets of Tea which deals with herbal tea to relieve certain illnesses and good health. Checking the legality of Secrets of Tea is important and made easy through customer reviews. These reviews are ways for other customers to find what they need and of good quality.

About Secrets of Tea

The founder of Secrets of Tea, Samah Bensalem, began with Babies Magic Tea. After searching for a remedy for her first child’s colic, she found an old remedy that had belonged to her family for years. The tea helps relieve painful gas and colic in infants. She decided to share this remedy with the world and help other infants suffering from colic. Secrets of Tea continued to expand and became a wide range of teas.

Products of Secrets of Tea

Secrets of Tea produces several kinds of tea that can help adults and babies live healthier lives. Babies’ magic Tea, Maternity-based Tea, Healthy Nursing Tea, Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea, Relaxing Mama Stress-Reducing Tea, and a collection of herbal tea for postpartum tea, fertility tea, pregnancy catnip, and Maternity tea. The benefits of tea from Secrets of Tea are tremendous.

Payment and Delivery Policy of Secrets of Tea

Payments are accepted through Credit Cards, PayPal, and Amazon. There are several shipping methods, including standard, expedited, and two-day shipping. The two-day shipping is only offered in the USA. Shipping outside the USA requires a standard and expedited shipping method. International shipping is available except for countries where shipping is prohibited by the US. Standard shipping takes 7-14 days while expedited shipping takes 3-7.

Product Returns and Refunding Policy of Secrets of Tea

To return a product, contact the customer service from Monday to Friday. Call 800.270.1974 (US) or 646.761.1951 (Int.). Clients can also email customer service. It is advised that you contact customer service immediately for any return or exchange of products.

Tips, Compliments, and Complaints about Secrets of Tea

Have the tea products of Secrets of tea given you the satisfactory relief required? What do you have to say about their products and delivery service? What is the best experience you have had with Secrets of Tea? Share your thoughts and the secrets you have discovered hidden in tea with the Secrets of Tea review. The review is for other customers to find their paths with Secrets of Tea and experience what quality their products have if they choose to patronize them. Your experience and feedback is important.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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