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The Spice House

Spices have the ability to transform something bland or flavorless into a dish so different that your palette experiences an explosion of flavor. However, for this to happen, you need good-quality spices, which you can only sometimes find at your local store, as many mass-produced spice blends lack the flavor intensity that many people look for. Therefore, to find such spices or stores that stock such spices, making use of a review platform can prove to be valuable as many people share their experiences and opinions on such platforms, which in turn aids you in finding the perfect store for you.

About The Spice House

Born in 1957 post-war America, Bill Sr. and Ruth Penzey created The Spice House intending to source the world’s finest spices and supply them to those with limited access. As the Penzey’s network of contacts grew, so did the business, as every family member was involved, including their daughter Patty Erd and her husband, Tom Erd. As time passed, Patty and her husband took over ownership and ushered The Spice House into the 21st century by creating their e-commerce platform where people could purchase their products. Currently, The Spice House is under new ownership. However, the mission remains the same; they aim to provide customers with an effortless shopping experience while still providing them with both essential and rare variants of spices.

Products and Services offered by The Spice House

Given the name, the products stocked by The Spice House are pretty simple, spices. However, the range provided by The Spice House is unlike any other; they stock the most basic of spices, being salt and pepper, to flavorful rubs, various spice blends, a wide range of seasonings, whole spices, and various kitchen accessories. Additionally, The Spice House also stocks giftpacks to gift to others and flatpacks which are convenient if you require a small quantity of spices or you are traveling with them.

Additional Services of The Spice House

In addition to the great array of spices, The Spice House has a great variety of recipes on its website for its customers to utilize. When purchasing online, The Spice House offers free shipping on orders of more than $49 and a flat shipping rate of $7.95 on orders less than $49; however, if you are ordering flatpacks, any order under $49 costs $5.95 in shipping; however, there are other shipping methods available should you require them. Orders are usually processed within 48 hours of purchase and can be expected between 3-8 business days. Furthermore, should you need to make contact with customer service, the details are provided below.



(312) 676-2414

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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