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Food is a unique concept that highlights the rich cultural heritage of a group of people. It is a global language understood by all without transcription or translation. Indians are famous for their curries and spices, Italians treat pasta like a national treasure, Japanese have made sushi a sensation, while America is a growing fast food dump. While a percentage of the world's population prefers to make meals themselves, others see eating from restaurants as a stress-free and time-saving option. Here, the importance of customer experience and feedback comes to play. Read food shop reviews on ReviewsBird to know the ratings and hygiene standards of any food vendor of your choice.

About Try The World

Katerina Vorotova and David Foult are the founders of Try The World Inc. They met at Columbia University in New York City, where David was pursuing a master of public administration while Katerina studied master of business administration. David was a french entrepreneur, while Katerina ran a food blog that gave her intel on the loopholes of the American food market. They decided to put their experiences to good use by working together to establish a food subscription company in 2013. In its early days, the start-up fund of the firm was from Angel investors and Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center. Innotech capital and Alven capital became investors in 2014, contributing over 2 million US dollars to expand the company.

Products and services of Try The World

Try The World gives customers a taste of the world through recipes they obtained from foreign nations. They offer gastronomes in the United States the opportunity to discover new flavors and the chance for their taste buds to explore the world from the comfort of their homes. It is a budget-friendly way to activate the gourmet in you without the stress of traveling between continents. Try The World curates boxes for their monthly subscription meal plans and delivers them to customers in Canada and the United States. Every month they pack boxes of food and snacks to distribute to customers who subscribed for the country meal plan or snack plan. The best part of Try the world is that they can bring Italy to you in a box, not just Italy but Paris, Brazil, and any other country of your choice. Email them at or contact (855) 841-0303 to change your subscription or opt for another plan.

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The taste buds are sensitive and can detect if a meal lacks ingredients in the right proportion. The sad feeling from a poorly prepared dish can linger on for a lifetime, depending on how bad the food was. The best way to avoid the victim story is to pay attention to customer reviews of the store you want to patronize. Be mindful of overall ratings as it helps cut the risk of making the wrong choice by 100-fold. Are you a customer of Try The World? Kindly write an honest review that entails your thoughts on their services. Your feedback is important.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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