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Yumi Baby Food

Everyone wants the best for their babies. That includes making sure they only have the best possible quality food. Many companies claim to have top-of-the-range baby food, but how do you know? It is also good to read customer reviews before purchasing with any company. Doing so will help you gain insight into a company's true quality and service before you decide to spend money.

About Yumi Baby Food

Angela founded Yumi Baby Foods when she fell pregnant and realized how important nutrition is for the first 1000 days is very important. Angela then did more research and realized how important very specific nutrients are. After finding almost no options on the market that meet those requirements, Angela created products with those exact requirements. Together with her lifelong friend Everlyn, a former WSJ and NYTimes journalist, they started nutrition first meals and snacks for babies and toddlers.

Products and Services of Yumi Baby Food

At Yumi Baby Foods, you can find categories for different stages of your baby's development. The first seven stages range from ages six months to 11 months. For stage one, you will find a variety of thinner single-ingredient purees for first-time eaters. Flavors include apricot, split pea, zucchini, peach, and butternut squash. For stage two of development, you will find a variety of thicker single ingredient purees. Flavors include purple sweet potato apple, black bean, mango, kidney bean, cauliflower, carrot, beet, kabocha squash, kale, pear, Japanese sweet potato, broccoli, and raspberry. For stage 3, you will find two ingredient blends. Flavours include purple sweet potato & blueberry, carrot & mango, butternut & pear, kale & peach, dragon fruit & pear, adzuki bean & pumpkin, zucchini & split pea, chickpea & carrot and broccoli & pear. For stage four, you will find a variety of smooth multi-ingredient puree. Flavors include minty green pea soup, cauliflower soup, rustic tomato soup, ratatouille, strawberry shake, banana cream pie, apricot crumble, triple berry pie, adzuki mushroom soup, kabocha squash sup, pat juk, sweet potato cheesecake, polenta mushroom bolognese, apple pie, sweet potato carrot soup, and coconut cream pie. For stage 5, you will find a variety of textured multi-ingredient puree featuring seeds and grains. Flavours include blueberry chia pudding, peaches & blackberry chia pudding, peach crumble bowl, mango chia pudding, pear raspberry chia pudding, beet berry banana bowl, dragonfruit chia pudding, spinach blueberry quinoa bowl, broccoli mash bowl and bell pepper apple bowl. For stage 6, you will find various options with small pieces of whole food. Flavors include the succotash combo, root medley combo, pea carrot combo, carrot sweet potato combo, and black bean sweet potato combo. For stage 7, you will find a variety of nutrient-dense bites. Flavors include banana bread bites, beet chocolate brownie bites, butternut squash bites, carrot spinach millet bites, chickpea Panisse bites, gingerbread bites, southwest bites, sweet potato latke, veggie meatball bites, zucchini bread bites, lemon macaroon bites, pizza bites, beet puffs, and cauliflower puffs. You will also find whole food snacks, which include mixed berry fruit leathers, strawberry fruit leathers, and mango fruit leathers.

Additional Services of Yumi Baby Food

Yumi Baby Foods delivers anywhere in the contiguous United States. Your delivery will arrive between Monday - Wednesday by 9 pm, depending on where you live. If you have any further questions, you can contact Yumi Baby Foods at:





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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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