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For individuals working in the financial reporting field, there is a distinct difference between an accountant and an accountant who holds a CPA certificate. It's implied that becoming a CPA takes a lot of work, both in extra classes and in a real sense many hours spent preparing for the test. Notwithstanding, the investment to become a CPA might open doors of opportunities for the individuals who are thinking about expanding their accounting vocation just as increasing their pay.

Acquiring the CPA certification requires participating in the CPA Exam Review course. Getting the CPA certification expands the salary potential by more than $20,000. One of the companies that specialize in CPA Exam Review is Becker. You can read Becker's reviews on to be well equipped about their courses.

About Becker

Becker is a worldwide leader in CPA Exam Review and continuing professional education driving student success for more than 60 years in different fields. The organization maintains to offer financial professionals the tools and resources they need to breeze through the CMA Exam quicker and on their first attempt. With adaptable on-demand resources intended to fit students' lifestyles, Becker says they put students one step closer to becoming a CMA. They boast that their vision is to engage individuals all over the planet to propel their careers through a deep-rooted partnership of unrivaled expert schooling.

Becker admits to being proud of its rich history and track record of development spanning over 60 years. Their worldwide presence includes over 2,900 partners — including accounting firms, enterprises, societies, government offices, and colleges. Their worldwide partner in over 55 countries shares a commitment to assisting candidates with achieving their CPA licensure and further advancing their professions. They say they serve the Big 4 worldwide accounting firms and maintain strong relationships with 99 of the best 100 accounting firms in the United States. With an emphasis on delivering the latest content and software functionality that reflects the test all around, Becker's CPA Exam Review course enables students to achieve a CPA license.

Services offered by Becker

Becker includes four-course parts aligned to the four CPA Exam sections. Students can either purchase a study package consisting of every one of them or individual course parts. This online platform gives three review bundles, such as Advantage, Premium, and Pro. Becker CPA Review offers three distinct forms of study. If students enroll in their program, they have the choice of online classes, self-study, and even live face-to-face classes.

Becker likewise has a bank of task-based simulations (TBSs). There are more than 500 of these in the program. Their Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses help accounting experts keep a strategic advantage, with an emphasis on today's critical business issues. Becker gives an immense database of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and task-based simulations (TBSs). The number of inquiries might vary according to the chosen course package.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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