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There are many professions, desires and dreams in the world. We can’t event count on fingers. People try to choose something new and interesting at almost every minute. On the other side, there are many hobbies of the people. Hobbies are the things that people tend to do in their leisure time like planting, gardening, painting, reading and so on. But there are some people who combine the hobbies into their professions. Or we can say that, they do hobbies that much religiously as if that is their profession. In the combined trend of hobby and career, there are writers who are sometimes so passionate about their writing career or sometimes they just write as their leisure time activity.


can be of many types such as researchers, academic writers, book writers, bloggers, article writers, content writers, product description writers and many more. They have variety of topics and genres to write about. Also, they do have different kinds of medium to spread their writings to the audience. But, they sometimes they face many problems in publishing their writings. Specially book writers face many obstacles when they reach the publishing companies and they just make delays in publishing their work. In this case, we have a publishing company to have a review about. BookBaby is a publishing company for the writers.



was founded in 2011 by Steven Spatz in Portland, Oregon. It is a platform to self-publish the writing pieces for the writers and authors. They provide different services to writers including proofreading and cover designing for books. The BookBaby also hosts an annual Independent Authors Conference in Philadelphia. The company distributes through Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Nobles and other major retailers in over 170 countries.

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is a self-publishing platform for the authors. The company offers different options like Book Printing, eBooks, Editing, Book Design, Sell your Book, Learn and BookShop. In Book Printing they have different ranges of printing books services like single or wholesale book printing, different sized and styled printing. Other than this in eBook services they include publishing and conversions, layouts and eBook files. They also provide different editing facilities to the writers like proofreading, editing, line editing, copy editing, query letters and book synopsis services.

Further, the company believes the writers should only focus on writing as it is hard as enough. That is why they offer the book designs by themselves which include cover design for printed books and ebooks, interior formatting for printed books and ebooks. Furthermore, they provide marketing and distribution services by selling the printed books and ebooks through different distributors.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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