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Handmade Arts Limited

Do you aim to turn your home into a unique and private art gallery with excellent quality oil paintings that recreate museum masterpieces and elevate the taste of art in your living space? Do you desire fine art prints on canvas hand-painted by professional and talented artists? Are you in search of eco-friendly oil paints, heavy-duty linen, and premium wooden frames to ensure you get a framed painting that reproduces beyond expectations, true to color, detail, technique, and general feel that make it close to the famous original painting you like?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions mentioned earlier, then Handmade Arts Limited might be amongst the options of your choice. Visiting the customer review section of Handmade Arts Limited on ReviewsBird.com is one such way to know if the firm can get you covered or not.

About Handmade Arts Limited

Handmade Arts Limited is a company made of artists founded in 2002. This company started as an offline business that proclaims to make museum-grade oil paintings, including reproductions of paintings, oil paintings from photographs, custom paintings, frames, and other things that the artist may need to draw.

Handmade Arts Limited claims to provide high-resolution photo previews and unlimited fixes by default. In addition, this company maintains the most extensive free shipping oil painting replicas worldwide.

Thus, if a customer would like to outsource a work of art that is not listed, request a replica of their existing painting, or customize the artwork from their photo with their preferred reproduction medium and style, From Van Gogh to Klimt, from classicism to Impressionism, Handmade Arts Limited boasts that their artists are capable of all this.

Channels to contact Handmade Arts Limited

Customers can contact Handmade Arts Limited via their customer care email at service@Handmade Arts Limited.com and through their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Product and services of Handmade Arts Limited

Handmade Arts Limited offers a wide range of products and services, which includes oil paintings reproductions from the most famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Pierre Auguste Renoir, John William Waterhouse. They also claim to offer the most renowned oil arts of all time, including the Mona Lisa, Last supper, and At Night. They also claim to reproduce any artwork in any size and style. Handmade Arts Limited maintains its products, including frames of different sizes, styles, and designs to suit any painting.

Shipping and Return policy of Handmade Arts Limited

Handmade Arts Limited claims to have different delivery dates for distinct product types, such as 30 days for art made-to-order, within 15 days for art-in-stock, and less than two weeks for frames. In addition, EMS and DHL will deliver all artwork coming from Handmade Arts Limited with tracking codes.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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