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A famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud, once said, "Give me three children, and I'll train them into what I want them to become—a lawyer, a doctor, or an armed robber." This means that what a child grows up to be is the parent's doing. Therefore, parents must bring up their children well so they can grow old and be proud of them. The best way for children to learn is by playing, i.e., you make them feel they're playing by actually playing, but in the real sense, they're learning, and in no time, they'll catch the drift and grow up to become doctors, engineers, artists, writers, musicians, etc.

To assist parents, ReviewsBird gives detailed company reviews that'd assist kids and adults in becoming overtly creative in whatever field they are or choose to be in. With this, ReviewsBird introduces you to Kiwico—an organization that builds creative confidence in your wards, both kids and adults, including the parents. You'll get to know more as you read on.

About KiwiCo

KiwiCo was founded in 2011 by Engineer Sandra Oh Lin, the organization's CEO. The company is located in Mountain View, California, the United States, which is also the headquarters. It was created to equip kids with creative confidence and problem-solving skills to help them tackle challenges and maximize opportunities soon. Although based in the US, KiwiCo ships to 42 countries on 4 continents—Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the US. KiwiCo develops engaging hands-on STEAM projects (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) and activities to spark curiosity and creativity to inspire a lifetime of learning.

KiwiCo doesn't have a customer care service number. Still, customers or potential customers can always reach out to them via their website, where a bot will ask them questions and subsequently direct them to their customer care representative. Their customer care service works from 5 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding holidays.

Products You Can Get On KiwiCo And The Age Range For Each

KiwiCo has a variety of products with specified age grades for each and what it intends to impart on them, starting from age 0-104. There's the Panda Crate (0-24 months), the Koala Crate (2-4 years), the Kiwi Crate (5-8 years) till it gets to the last, which is Maker Crate (14-104 years). This is to say that there's a product for everybody regardless of age. KiwiCo accepts orders from schools and other organizations. They also have products that can be used in the classroom for 3rd-5th grade students. They also offer a referral and affiliate program for their customers. Customers can filter by interest, i.e., state the category of products they want, be it; science & tinkering, arts & design, geography & culture, or early learning.

Payment And Subscription Method Of KiwiCo

The company accepts payments through Visa and Master Cards, American Express, Discover credit cards, etc., for all orders. However, they accept PayPal for termed subscription and store only. On KiwiCo, there are 3 different types of subscription—monthly, termed sub (3/6/12 months which automatically expires after the term is complete), and the auto-renew sub (3/6/12 months which automatically renews after the term is complete.) It's not hard to cancel a subscription on KiwiCo, you can cancel a subscription on KiwiCo after the first month's product ships, and you won't be billed for subsequent payments.

Refund And Return Policy Of KiwiCo

KiwiCo has a strict returns and refund policy; they accept returns only for store credit (a one-time purchase) and not final sales. They refund the same amount charged for the product, excluding the delivery fee, which can only be used for future purchases on the site—not transferable. However, if confirmed by the company, damaged products can be returned with a full refund, including the delivery fee to the credit card where the payment came from. KiwiCo accepts returned products only within 14 days after the shipment.

KiwiCo Reviews, Tips, and Compliments

It's important to help potential customers with all the needed information about a company. Therefore, the importance of reviews cannot be overemphasized. Have you ever gotten any KiwiCo products? What impact did it have on your children? Kindly give us an in-depth customer review of your patronage with them, and let others know what they're up to. Your experience and feedback are important.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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