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From early beginnings in simple, single function hand-held games, through to the evolution of the games console, and eventually coming back full circle in some way to the cell phone, gaming has come a long way.

Now, mobile gaming is huge. Advancements in cell phone technology has led to all manner of gaming technology, previously only seen in larger consoles, being brought to the mobile space.

Mobile gaming is huge business, accounting for sales of over 68 billion globally.

With a market like that, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of competition, and also a lot of diversification within the vertical to account for varying consumer tastes.

There’s no doubting the allure that mobile gaming has, now that everyone has a powerful games console at their disposal.

You’ve probably already got a lot of games on your cell phone, and you’ll know the power of reviews and their influence on you before you buy a game. It’s always good to read what others have to say before you go ahead and spend money on something.

About Skillz
Skillz is a leading mobile games platform. Skillz aims to connect users together in fun and meaningful competition.

The platform is designed to help developers build multi million dollar franchises, and it does this by enabling social competition in the platform.

Skillz has been identified as one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies, CNBC’s Disruptor 50 and Forbes Next Billion Dollar Start-ups.

Products And Services Of Skillz
Skillz provides a platform upon which developers can develop games for the mobile market.

Skillz have created a multi player gaming platform that allows developers to build mobile games.

The platform allows developers to integrate within their games an element of competition, including tournaments and prizes.

Skillz offers developers a tried and tested pathway to success by helping the developer to scale their games business and eventually become and enterprise partner within Skillz.

Features of Skillz powered games include real world prizes, social features such as leagues and trophies, a guaranteed fair competition platform and tournaments. In addition, Skillz offers round the clock fraud prevention and support for players.

For developers, Skillz integration offers built-in game analytics, and also statistics to provide greater insight into their audience and game usage.

Skills also offers developers guidance along the way with development, user acquisition and player retention.

In addition, much of the hassle of the back end of the game is handled by Skillz. Things like payments, serve management and legal requirements are within the Skillz domain. These are aspects of gaming that put off a lot of budding developers from entering the market.

Compliments Complaints And Tips For Skillz
Are you a developer? Have you considered using a platform such as Skillz in order to increase your game exposure?

If you have used Skillz then we would like to hear from you.

Your customer review can help us to guide other developers who are in the same situation as you.

Your experience and feedback can be a great help to others on the web.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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