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Many things are considered old-fashioned now. Those things might seem time-consuming or an inefficient way to proceed, but there are people who still love to go that way. But if we specifically talk about the books, they are not really time-consuming or inefficient way. Yes, you might have to spend more than an ebook, but that book will surely indulge you in it through its affection. In the end, if you are the same kind of person and wondering from where you can get any type of book, whether, for study, or specific reading, you will have to find a good book store.

Well, Textbookx is a book store that you can check out. They offer a lot of books to their customers, thanks to the marketplace they have created. It is also recommended to check Textbookx reviews to make sure their marketplace is good for you, or you should find another store.

About Textbookx

Textbookx was specifically created for the students so that they could easily find their course material that too at the best prices. But they started focusing on other niches, too, making it an extensive inventory for book lovers.

Perks of Textbookx

Textbookx offers different features and perks to its customers and sellers that use their marketplace. They have also created a specific section for students that the users can use by logging in to their accounts. From there, they can access everything they have bought, whether an ebook or a physical book. Besides that, Textbookx is not limited to a single country. Yes, their marketplace does have people selling for specific countries only, but the option of ebooks allows the users to buy the books from anywhere in the world.

Products and Services of Textbookx

Textbookx particularly does not have any other kind of products to sell to their customers. They only focus on books of different types and categories to offer feasibility to their customers.

How Textbookx works?

Textbookx works in different ways. If you are trying to buy a book from Textbookx, you will see a search bar right in front of the website. That is where you can either put the ISBN, Title, Author, or Keyword to get the results about the book you want. After searching, you will get the whole list of that book available. Now you will have to pick one according to your location, price, and preferences. Textbookx claims that many books are available there at much-discounted prices. And if you are a seller who wants to sell its books, you can also do so by using their marketplace.

Bulk orders on Textbookx

Textbookx also allows you to place bulk orders if you are an educational institute. You will again have choices to go with just as you want.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Textbookx

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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