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1791 Gunleather

Holsters are accessories to carry firearms. More often than not, made out of leather and placed on a belt or under the arm. Rather complicated because holsters are not one-size-fits-all accessories due to the variations in sizes, usage, and types of firearms available in the market today. If having the right holster is easy, the majority of the firearm accessories industry would not exist.


is arguably the first material used to craft firearm holsters. Since the leather may last longer, leather holsters will be more comfortable for the owner to wear more frequently.

About 1791 Gunleather:

The year in the company name, 1791 Gunleather, was adopted from the year of the ratification of the first ten (10) amendments that formed the Bill of Rights—December 15, 1971. The company believes that the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution has safeguarded the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms.

1791 Gunleather is a company specializing in handcrafted holsters made from American Heavy Native Steerhide leather. The company focuses on two (2) goals. The first is to produce holsters made out of quality material and attention to detail craftsmanship. Second, to solve the typical problems of users, have multi-fit holsters for no less than one (1) type of firearm or ammunition.

To learn topics regarding the company, holsters, firearms, ammunition, and the industry, the company has a YouTube account and blogs on their website. 1791 Gunleather’s location is at 1835 NW 21st Terrace, Miami, Florida 33142, U.S.A.

Products and Services of 1791 Gunleather:

Finding the right firearm accessories may be done by filtering the available products by brand, usage, and the like. Ulta Custom allows customized fit and comfort. Customization for your holster can be done multiple times to ensure the right fit. Available in six (6) sizes, it accommodates from revolvers to full-frame firearms.


is a concealed magazine holster. The offering of 1791 Gunleather for your magazine holster. The type of holster to assist in carrying extra magazines with your firearm, disguised as an ordinary pocket knife.

OWB or Outside the Waistband holsters are the favored carry option within America. There are various types of OWB holsters to choose from: open-top, slide, thumb break, multi-fit, right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous, and smooth concealment. Having an OWB holster is advantageous in terms of accessibility, reholstering, ease of use and comfort.

Lastly, IWB or Inside the Waistband holster fits in concealing and carrying firearms while maintaining accessibility. Before purchasing and using an IWB holster, note whether you need a conceal-and-carry permit in your area to avoid a fine.

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