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Aimee Kestenberg

Your outfit choice, especially as a woman, is not considered complete without accessories, especially a bag. Apart from being a container for your belongings, the quality of your bag can either improve your total outfit or destroy the dress you carefully chose. ReviewsBird collects the opinion of other shoppers who have patronized the service of several shops in the past before settling for one of them. You can read these customer reviews to make an educated choice in the murky waters of online shopping.


Named after the founder and designer, Aimee Kestenberg was launched in 2013 as a global design brand that focuses on the culture of Australia – the founder’s origin – and America – where she drew her inspiration. The company designs and sells different bags for women, bags for babies, and baby clothing.

Products of Aimee Kestenberg

The event that requires you to shop for a bag will dictate your purchase type. Their bags come in different categories, with various items available. You can therefore find your satchels, cross-body bags, bum bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, and different traveling bags on their shelf. Are you going for an outdoor activity that requires packing? You can check out their collection of backpacks as well. You can further browse their accessories, such as wallets, keychains, jewelry, eyewear, and many others.

Aimee Kestenberg’s Reviews

It is natural to doubt a service that may be strange to you. To consider whether or not this company is reliable enough to be your choice, you can read the observations left by their buyers.

Payment, Delivery, and Return Policy

Aimee accepts payment through e-wallets and different debit or credit cards. The store’s gift card can also be used to make the purchase. Furthermore, interested clients can choose their AfterPay option, which allows you to pay for your orders in installments. You can subscribe to the company’s newsletter to access their discount code, discount offers, and notifications of the new products on their shelf.
The store delivers throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and Australia. Customers within the United States can access their free shipping. For international deliveries, shipping circumstances often change, so the delivery time can not be guaranteed.
Only orders made within the United States can be returned. The return can be made up to 30 days after your order has been delivered. To be accepted as a return, the items must not be opened, used, or damaged to be accepted as a returned. To contact the company, you can visit their website, check out their social media handle (@aimeekestenberg), or contact them by calling +1 206-776-7303.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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