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Alpacka Raft


Rafting, a way of navigating through a river or downstream, is a beautiful recreation activity and a sport. It uses explicitly an inflated boat to navigate. In sports, the inflated boat is paddled across the river, and the first boat to arrive at the finishing point of the competition wins. They compete by displaying skillful maneuvering tactics. These sturdy inflatable boats are made of rubber fabrics. Packrafting is a type of rafting that includes having a backpack. A packraft is a particular type of raft that is designed to hold the user’s backpack. It is sturdy, durable, and light. A packraft can be customized to suit the client’s preference. The quality of their materials is constantly improved, and several companies have come on board, thus offering varieties to the consumer. The internet has, therefore, been used widely to create awareness and to enable reach to a wider market. 

About Alpacka Raft
Started in 2000 by Sheri Tingey and her son Thor, Alpacka Raft is a company that manufactures packrafts. Based in Mancos, Colorado, USA, Alpacka Raft uses craftsmen and women to manufacture packrafts by hand. They build different designs of the boats, depending on their customer specifications. They build both sporting and adventure products. Due to the need to build a packraft that could traverse the Alaskan river, Sheri used her kayaking and clothing design to build a strong raft. Thor had ideas on a suitable way to customize their packraft to suit their rivers and make it comfortable and durable for navigation. With a single backpack, they make it possible for the adventurous people to traverse anywhere on the water. They are continuously iterating on their designs and are focused on creating better products for their boat clients.

Products and services of Alpacka Raft
Alpacka Raft has a variety of packrafts, their essentials, and services. Packrafts available are Alpaka Series, Whitewater Series, Tandem Series, Ultralight Series, BHA Sporting Series, and Adventure Racing. They also have a Packraft Comparison Guide, which helps their clients to compare the packrafts and choose their best option. Alpaka Raft also does customization, and they build tiny boats for clients who want something unique and little. Their essentials include paddles, padding suits, PFDs Accessory upgrades, among others. They also offer repair services and retrofit services. They have rental services that allow their clients to rent for some time. Their rental outlets are not only around the USA but also in other parts of the world where they have established their rental spaces. 

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Alpacka Raft
Alpacka Raft has a dedicated team that customizes products to fit their user need by providing quality products and services. Many water explorers have recommended them, and this is mainly because of the quality and flexibility of their product and the ability of the rafts to navigate different water bodies. They value customer feedback and, in turn, uses the feedback to create a wonderful rafting experience. If you have used their products and services, leave a review on