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Reviews Apples of Gold

Jewelry has existed since early times and for a variety of reasons. By taking a look at ancient cultures, one can get a glimpse into the way of life and value that people bestowed on life. It seems that even during prehistoric times, people used Jewelry to look better. The most common use of Jewelry was for aesthetic beauty, which was linked to the use of Jewelry as a distinction of power and class. Jewelry was also being used as an object of superstition and worship. Jewelry has been used to serve a variety of other purposes. Functional Jewelry has been used to put hair in its place as well as to fix clothing. Jewelry such as wedding rings has been used to denote personal and social status. Jewelry has also been used to show a type of affiliation: an artistic display, a symbol, or carrier of personal meaning. A majority of cultures tended to store Jewelry in large amounts as a store of wealth. It was also used culturally to store wedding dowries. Slave beads were used as a form of exchange.

About Apples of Gold

Apples of Gold is a company inspired by the urge to offer its clients a relational and personal feel by always being available to help clients meet their jewelry needs. The company was established in 1999, motivated by the fact that traditional Jewelry is costly, with markups varying from 200 to 300%. Observing this exorbitant pricing, the company dared to come up with a way of dealing, with it which involves working with wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Products and services of Apples of Gold

The company offers various products in various categories, including Bracelets, crosses, chains, rings, gemstone rings, wedding bands, diamond rings, pendants, earrings, personalized Jewelry, and silver jewelry. In the rings category, the company offers Blue diamond rings, gemstone rings, and wedding bands.

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The company is dedicated to ensuring it delivers its products on time. It has fast shipping options, including overnight express, three-day service, two-day service, and Saturday delivery options. It also offers free shipping through UPS ground delivery. Apples of Gold cares for its client's private information and doesn't share any of a client's information with any third parties. Appled of Gold has a clear shipping policy, and if for a particular reason, one isn't satisfied with their order, they can always return it within 45 days and get a full refund. For standard Jewelry, they can always be returned within this period. For personalized Jewelry such as those with name personalization, they are non-exchangeable and also non-returnable. However, at times, Apples of Gold has exceptions where for instance, if a ring doesn't fit, they can salvage the gold and make a new ring for you only at a small fee. The site only takes basic information, including a client's email address name and phone number and only uses the information to make a client experience better. If you have used their products, leave a review on