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Reviews Beverly Diamonds

Diamonds are more than just beautiful pieces. They are a persistent symbol of commitment, love, and romance. They derive their name from the Greek name Adamas, which means unconquerable, symbolizing the historic diamonds tribute of everlasting love. The initial known diamonds were found in 4th century BC in India, with the deposits thought to have been formed about 900 million years ago. Many of these early diamonds were transported on a link of trade routes that linked China and India. When diamonds were being discovered, much value was placed on them due to their brilliance and strength and their property to engrave metal and refract light. Before the 18th century, India was the only source of diamonds, and it was until when the diamonds mines in India were depleted that searching for alternate sources began.

About Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is a company that, since 2002, has been specializing in producing fine Jewelry. It is a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, California, and offers clients affordable and high-quality fine Jewelry and engagement rings. Since its inception, it has strived to offer a seamless client experience and has since then served over 50,000 happy clients. The company's dedication to offering quality has led to its team growing and offering personal support to clients. To meet the growing needs of clients, Beverly Diamonds has applied technological advances in its design processes. This has ensured that the client's purchasing experience is customized and enhanced.

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Products and services of Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is devoted to sourcing raw materials to manufacture its ring and other types of Jewelry responsibly. It ensures that its suppliersand distributors follow careful and thorough environmental and labor regulations. This is to ensure that each product that clients get from Beverly Diamonds is of high quality. With diamond and gold prices fluctuating highly, Beverly Diamonds promises its clients the most competitive priced pieces possible. The company also ensures that clients don't get a hard time locating an item on the site. It has arranged them orderly on the site according to function. Beverly Diamond's pieces are handset and handmade by a world-class group of experts. Beverly Diamonds also strives to offer quality client services and has a ready support team ready to help, either online, using personal orders, or on phone.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Beverly Diamonds

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