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Black Halo

Are you crazy about fashion? Do you follow different apparel trends religiously? If yes! Then this blog is definitely for you. People are so impassionate about following and attending different fashion shows. They do have a favorite designer and stylist. Fashion of clothing or apparel is something that has been started from ages. Before, the people used to find different ways to hide their bodies by the means of leaves and skin of animals. Now, we can say we do same but in different way. If we wear skin of the animals it would be the refined form that is proceeded from different steps to get hygienic and safe. Yes! We are talking about leather. Wearing clothes is social norm that people hide their parts from an open exposure. Although, in some countries that is the part of law, ethics and moral values but some countries and region have no such restrictions.

About Black Halo

Black Halo

is a women clothing fashion line launched by Laurel Berman in 2002 in Los Angeles. Lauren Berman started Black Halo by getting experience from her previous job as a glamourous customer service agent with the 7 years of experience. Black Halo is a contemporary dress market that specializes in making the Jackie O dresses, jump suits, gowns, blazer and so on.

Products/Services of Black Halo

Black Halo

has all types of English dresses available. Black Halo is famous for making celebrity dresses. Celebrities like Meghan Markle, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Scarlet Johansson and Fergie have been spotted in Black Halo Jackie O suits. The shop of Black Halo includes separate tops and trousers, jumpsuits, belts, minis, dresses and two-piece dresses. Apart from all these Black Halo also have variety of masks at their store. Also, Black Halo has the tag with the clothes which shows that where you should wear this dress or suit, like; for a night out, for work, for special occasions and alike.

As per the reviews by the customers of Black Halo, they are quite satisfied with the fabric and stitching. When we talk about delivery services, they require maximum 48 hours to deliver the package but orders that are placed by 12:00 noon PST would be processed, shipped and delivered in the same day. Black Halo provides the services of Return Policy with no hair, no detached tags or accessories, no perfumes or fragrance, in other words no signs of wear. At online store of Black Halo, there is size guidelines given for dresses and belts in the form of inches and centimeters both. Additionally, they do have the offers on seasonal sales.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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