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Black Lotus Shilajit

The common name for Shilajit is mineral pitch. It occurs as a result of a process of breaking down plant matter and minerals. Some of the proven benefits of Shilajit are improving brain function; it acts as an antioxidant, treating anaemia, and fighting liver cancer, among others. Black Lotus Shilajit is an online shop that sells Shilajit products. Before buying Shilajit from Black Lotus Shilajit, ensure you go through their previous customer reviews to know more about their products.

About Black Lotus Shilajit

Shilajit is a black resinous substance that seeps out of cracks on mountain rocks at extremely high elevations. It was discovered by a group of villagers who noticed unusual growth and strength in a group of monkeys after consuming the resin. Since then, it has been cherished and its benefits acclaimed by many cultures. Founded in July 2019 in Melbourne, Black Lotus Shilajit is an online platform specializing in selling shilajit. They are a small family team with herb, nutrition and supplement experience representing the shilajit blossoming from the mountain as a gift to humanity. It is found throughout the world in areas surrounding India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia and Scandinavia.

What products and services does Black Lotus Shilajit offer?

Black Lotus Shilajit sells shilajit for women, improving fertility, burning excess fats in the body, regulating hormones, and enhancing skin, among many other benefits. Shilajit is also offered to athletes, which helps them replace vital electrolytes, making it much easier to maintain stamina and endurance. It is also an immense energy producer. The company also offers shilajit for pets, which improves pets' physical appearances, regulates stool, and enhances energy in animals, among many other benefits. Black Lotus Shilajit acquires its product from a family-owned cooperative that supplies pharmacies in Russia. Shilajit helps the general body in many ways. It prevents anxiety, protects against stress, increases strength and flexibility, increases libido and eases addictions and cravings, among many others. Shilajit also assists with various diseases like anemia, arthritis, stomach ulcers, diabetes, eczema and acne, asthma and chronic bronchitis, herpes and other viruses. The product has no side effects on users, but it can't be used alongside an iron prescription. Nursing and pregnant women are advised not to use the product. The product can also be used as fertilizer by adding water and watering it to your plants for increased growth.

Shipping and dropping services for Black Lotus Shilajit

To order and purchase at Black Lotus Shilajit, you need to key in your personal information for tracking and shipping purposes. They offer free shipping in the US, which takes a standard of 3 to 4 business days. They also now deliver their product worldwide according to the address keyed in your personal information. Time taken for international shipping is approximated depending on your address.

What is the return and exchange policy of Black Lotus Shilajit?

They offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee on a returned product, after which Black Lotus Shilajit will not accept any returned items. To be eligible for returns, the product must be unused and in its original packaging.

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