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Botkier New York

Fashion is a lifestyle engrained deep into the heart and souls of women across the globe. It allows the expression of emotion and unique personalities of individuals ranging from kids to adults. The world today has conditioned certain outfits to represent a specific occasion, for example, formal wear for the office, tracksuits for the gym or any sporting activities, laid-back casuals for hangouts or alone time, and the list goes on. Before buying any accessories, it is advisable to read reviews of online shops to help you with the background information of any store. If sourced properly, customer experience and feedback can help you know if a company is legit or not. Visit platforms like ReviewsBird to access customer reviews and other information on any store of your choice.

About Botkier New York

Botkier New York is a limited liability company that designs and retails bags and other fashion accessories. Monica Botkier graduated with a BFA in photography from New York University and kickstarted her career as a photographer for newspaper outlets. The time she spent in photography was a grooming period that gave her the necessary exposure to launch a career in the fashion industry. She spent most of her life walking the streets of New York and thus had intel on the missing piece in the fashion puzzle.

In 2003 her career took a turn as she was inspired to release her first design, the trigger bag that became an instant hit that marked the beginning of her company. The success of her debut design made way for her to branch off into other fashion accessories such as shoes and sunglasses. In 2018 she sold her company to Trebbianno LLC and ventured into other projects in the creative industry. Botkier New York continues to design bond totes, shoes, necklaces, and other fashion accessories under the administration of a new president Gene Berkowitz.

Products and services of Botkier New York

Botkier New York retails shoulder bags, totes, purses, and other apparel made from state-of-the-art materials like saffiano leather, pebble leather, heavy pebble leather, deluxe leather, canvas, and foil & canvas lining. They accept major credit cards, Paypal, Ali pay, Amazon pay, and Afterpay as a form of payment. Afterpay is a form of payment exclusive to customers within the US that allows clients to buy an accessory they need and pay later in installments. Botkier New York offers items at a discount price to clients who sign up for their newsletter and those who signed in as students. To lay complaints on the defect of delivered item or get an update on their exchange policy, email them at or visit 19 W 34th Street, Level 7, New York, NY 10014.

Return policy of Botkier New York

A return policy is put in place by firms as a guide so customers can know the constraints surrounding the purchase of an item. It is an important marketing tool that shows customers they are a part of every decision-making process. Botkier has a time frame of 14 days after issuance of a receipt to accept items back from customers in a ship-shaped condition.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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