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We could all use a drink sometime during the day, not just to stay hydrated but to get the refreshing feeling that comes from taking drinks at the right temperature. Warm beer or other drinks that have acquired a metallic taste lessens that refreshment, thus leaving your thirst unquenched. Getting the most out of what you drink requires storing them in coolers that will keep your drinks at the required temperature. There are online stores where you can buy such coolers, and BruMate is one of them. However, the one way to find out if it is the right shop is to read reliable reviews. Such reviews give insight into the brand you want to shop from and what they stand for.

About BrüMate

Also known as “The Dehydration Company,” the Brumate brand makes drinkware that meets indoor and adventure needs. It was established in 2015 by a young entrepreneur, Jacob Dylan, who started building the company at 21. According to him, the company was born out of his desire to create a product that could help people keep drinks at their normal temperatures even while on the go. Since its launch in 2016, BrüMate has grown from making sales of about $250,000 to making sales exceeding 30 million dollars. The brand has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, and is run by two other executives in addition to the Chief Executive Officer.

Available Products on BrüMate

A major product of the Brumate brand is coolers. These brumate coolers are insulated and available in Backtap and Brütank varieties. Their bottle and coolers come in diverse sizes to hold single bottles and cans. They also sell leak-proof tumblers that can keep your beverages hot or cold till you need to drink them. If you want to buy multiple products with a similar theme, you can check out the section for bundle essentials. Other products include rehydration water bottles, drink-related accessories, and mugs.

Additional Products and Services of Brumate

Besides trading cocktail tumblers and glitter flasks, BrüMate can help customers create gift sets for their drink-loving friends. To make orders easily, users can download the company's mobile app from Apple or Google Playstore. Subscribing to their newsletter gets you “the inside scoop” on updates from the brand.
After completing your order, their unique tracking system uses your order number to enable you to track the order through your email. The company also offers free shipping on US orders above 50 dollars but charges for delivery to other countries depending on where you live. Joining the Brumate crew allows you to earn points when placing orders, writing reviews with photos or videos, or referring a friend. The points can then be redeemed to win rewards. You can contact the company through their website at or Email

Reviews, Complaints, and Tips for Brumate

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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