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Customers of Buy On Purpose can expect a wide range of e-commerce services from the company. You may learn more about a company by checking out the Buy On Purpose Customer reviews.

About Buy On Purpose
American online retailer

, Buy On Purpose was established by Simon Lee. On his first-ever mission trip, he traveled to East Asia in 1996. He played a quick game of pick-up basketball with a local university student while he was there. With his Air Jordans on, he skated around the court in vintage dress shoes. One day, when someone inquired as to the purpose of him playing basketball in dress shoes instead of sneakers, he gently stated that they were the only shoes he owned. He asserts that his entire outlook on life was altered by that little experience!

Throughout several mission trips, Simon states that God progressively chiseled away at his selfish goals and replaced them with his drive to serve, contribute, and care for the poorest among us. In the middle of the night, after returning from a life-changing mission trip, he claims that he was unable to sleep. When he did get some shut-eye, he'd have dreams in which the number 50 flashed in neon. When the number 50 showed, he began to wake up.

A corporation that would donate half of its income to charitable causes became evident to him following prayer and consultation with mentors, pastors, and friends. He claims that his father came to his office one day with a $50,000 check to help get Buy on Purpose up and running.

Since its inception in 2004, Buy On Purpose has allegedly provided financial assistance to several Houston-based charities. For the team, running a business isn't just about making money; it's about changing people's lives.

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For general inquiries, comments, and suggestions, customers can contact Buy On Purpose via its phone number, at 1-877-557-7300 and email addresses, and

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Buy On Purpose is involved in the sale of various items through its Ecommerce services. It sells technological products, office furniture, stationeries, snack packs, etc

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