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Fashion is a way of identity declaration. Taste, value, belief, and aspirations can all be conveyed through fashion. Fashion goes from clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and cosmetics to jewelry. Getting a look right is an important task for everyone in the 21st century with trendy designs, thereby the need to choose the best fashion plug. Calzedonia is a brand that specializes in bringing fashion outfits to customers. Reading online shops' reviews on the company will give you more product information.

What type of brand is Calzedonia? is a clothing brand that focuses on suits, tights, and leggings. The company was founded in 1986 by Sandro Veronesi, the company's president, in the town of Verona.
Over the years of its establishment, the company has now found over 5,000 shops in 55 countries like Spain, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, and other countries worldwide. The company handles all production and distribution of its products to its customers.
Over its years of operation, the company witnessed growth through e-Commerce and expansion of stores worldwide. The company is an excellent franchiser. It has franchise agreements with labels like the Tezenis, Falconeri, Signorvirno, and Intimissi, among other popular brands, thereby expanding the company's customer base and availability of its products. The company ensures constant practical training to its workers to optimize good customer-buyer relationships and excellent customer service.

What are the Products and Service Offered at Calzedonia?

Calzedonia is a clothing brand that provides unique prints of clothes at a discount price. The company specializes in producing leggings, stockings, beachwear, and socks. Some of the clothing offered by the company include the Calzedonia Swimwear, which accommodates clothes for children and adults, micro bikinis calzedonia, and beachwear for women of various shapes and sizes. Calzedonia tights a women's underwear made to fit the skin and worn with a skirt or dress. Other products include the calzedonia love prints and other clothing for children, men, and women.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy of Calzedonia

Payment can be done using credit cards or PayPal, and a charge from an account is done when shipping starts. Payment is secured by TrustWave thereby, and customers have no fear concerning the data provided.
Normally, delivery is supposed to be completed within 5 working days. Buyers get notified immediately when their purchased products arrive at the selected store.
Return of products is done without a charge, and customers only need to follow the instructions and take the product to the selected store. The exchange is not allowed on size, color, or entire product mistake. Such a particular product can only be returned, and a new order will be placed. On returning numerous orders, a customer is instructed to return each item separately to avoid a mixup in the refund.

Reviews, Compliments, and Complaints about Calzedonia

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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