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Cashmere Boutique

Cashmere is an ancient clothing material in parts of Nepal, Kashmir, and Mongolia. It is an animal-hair fiber from the Kashmir or Pashmina goat and transformed into cashmere wool. Due to the cashmere material's ability to help stay warm, it is used in making sweaters and scarves. When purchasing cashmere material. It is essential to get the real material to derive the maximum comfort out of it. Cashmere Boutique is a clothing brand that offers cashmere-made clothes. Reading online shops' reviews on the company will provide you with more information.

What Type of Brand is Cashmere Boutique?

Cashmere Boutique is a United States online clothing brand that produces cashmere-made clothes. The company was established in 1999 and has been a major producer of cashmere clothing since then. Over the years of its operations, the company has had over 250,000 customers in different countries around the world. The company puts customer satisfaction on its priority list, and its website provides the correct washing procedure for cashmere clothes to maintain their beauty and cleanliness for a long time.

Cashmere clothes can last longer than other fibers, and they maintain their shapes longer as well. Cashmere is naturally acquired at a lavish price due to the procurement and manufacturing processes, and the cost is offered by the company at a budget-friendly price. The company’s website is designed to achieve easy navigation by buyers, protected as well, so users have no fear of privacy-breach.

What Products and Services are Offered at Cashmere Boutique?

The company offers carefully made and quality cashmere clothes for women and men. The company specializes in the production of sweaters, robes, and others. The company's website divides the products into collections, including the women's section, which contains coats, pashminas, robes, sweaters, and dresses, and the men's section where you will find coats, robes, sweaters, shirts, and T-shirts.

Other collections are the scarves, accessories, throws, blankets, and gift sales. Some of the clothes in the brand include the men’s cashmere cardigan and men’s pure cashmere polo sweater. A size chart for both men and women is provided to customers to ensure accurate clothes sizes are purchased. Customers can also buy from the Amazon store with a free shipping package.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy of Cashmere Boutique

The company accepts payment from Visa, master card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and other online banking. The Cashmere Boutique coupon is provided to customers above a certain price, the coupon code is entered to get entitled to the reward. In the case of products that customers are dissatisfied with, such a particular product can be returned within 15 days, and such clothes must be in their original condition and unworn. The company's customers in the US enjoy free shipping. Orders are shipped a day after the order is completed. Shipping is done during working days.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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