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Chronicle Books

Reading books is a very important activity that helps to develop the mind and helps the individual do the reading to learn about many things. Cultivating the habit of reading within a child or an adult will help them to learn so many things that their peers won't have known. But it all goes down to quality books. A book without good content only helps to destroy the mind further. Reading reviews of book publishing brands may be necessary to find different varieties of books.

About Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is a publishing company based in the United States of America, precisely in San Francisco. Chronicle Books, whose parent company is known as McEvoy Group, does not only publish books meant for adults but also those that kids can read. The person who founded this company in 1967 was Phelps Dewey, and he was a publishing brand called the Chronicle Publishing Company. The company fell into the hands of the great-grandson of M. H. de Young in 1999, and the person who purchased this company goes by the name Nion McEvoy. The books sold by this brand are varied on different topics ranging from architecture, art, cooking, fiction, pop culture, and many other things.

Products And Services Of Chronicle Books

The books this brand sells are of different types, ranging from books based in the hospitality industry to those that children read. In the entertainment industry, the items sold here range from Chronicle Books puzzles, fiction, humor, music, and those of the stars. Also, this entertainment industry section has books about pets for those who like to read about them and stories of what happened in the past. Chronicle bestsellers in the art and design section have many books that educate people on the different sections of the art and design industry. The books sold here range from books on designing the house's interior to books that teach people how to go about photography. They also sell books that educate people about the principles of life and books that are meant for kids and tennis, such as the kingkiller Chronicle Books. In the kids and teens section, customers can decide to buy the books here according to the age of the person who will read the book. The age difference in this section includes books for children from 0 to 6 years and those between 6 and 12 years.

Chronicle Books Stationery

There is a section on the website of this brand where they sell all kinds of notebooks, postcards, guided journals, blank journals, and other stationeries.

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For Chronicle Books

If you have purchased a book from Chronicle Books in the past, do you mind writing a review and feedback about the book publishing brand? Please leave your Chronicle Books reviews on our platform to help other book enthusiasts. Your customer review and experience will help the company understand what aspects of its products and services need urgent attention. This will make them improve and satisfy their customers more.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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