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Almost everyone is familiar with the saying “health is wealth”. One of the best ways to stay safe and healthy from disease-causing organisms is to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene. This involves having the right products for cleaning and disinfecting homes and offices and also having items for disinfecting yourself. It is essential however to know the right place to purchase disinfectants and safety equipment.

So if you are someone looking for a place to purchase disinfectants and face masks, then you could consider patronizing Cleanboss. Read on to see honest customer reviews from others that have patronized Cleanboss as well.

About Cleanboss
Cleanboss was established by Joy Mangano to reinvent cleaning with game-changing products designed to make life better and brighter for customers and their families. From multi-surface disinfectant cleaners to the Cleanboss mask, Cleanboss has claimed to be dedicated to providing value to customers on their purchases.

Cleanboss claims that their face masks are made with an exclusive three-layer system using the same design used in the space program while using permanent anti-microbial Silver Ion fiber technology to protect the integrity of their masks and continuously kill germs that cause odors and stains. Cleanboss aims to keep its customers satisfied and go about that by giving customers products made with high-end ingredients.

Channels to contact Cleanboss
Do you have any inquiries regarding the services that are offered by Cleanboss? Would you like to contact the Cleanboss customer care representatives? Individuals who wish to get in contact with Cleanboss can do so by filling out the form on the Cleanboss website. Customers can also search for Cleanboss on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Products and services of Cleanboss
Cleanboss has a wide range of cleaning and safety items available for sale on their website. Items from face masks, Hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer soap, Cleanboss covid mask, thymol disinfectant cleaner, antimicrobial microfiber cloths, and the Cleanboss Sanitizer are available for sale to interested individuals on the Cleanboss website.

Shipping and returns policy of Cleanboss
Cleanboss declares that all orders are usually processed immediately and are shipped within one business day. Orders usually take four to seven business days for standard shipping and delivery. Customers should note however that shipping times are estimates and might be affected by various factors.

Cleanboss declares that customers who are not satisfied with the product ordered from Cleanboss can contact Cleanboss at Customers should note however that any guarantee offered by Cleanboss does not extend to the Cleanboss mask, thus all sales of Cleanboss masks are final.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Cleanboss
Have you ever been opportune to purchase a product from Cleanboss before? Was it worth your money? Did your order arrive on time? How much did you pay for shipping? Would you recommend others to do the same? Your feedback could help others make the right decision as well. We would also like you to leave unbiased customer reviews of your experience with Cleanboss, as well.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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