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Coalatree Organics

Whether the human race wants it or not, it will have to reduce its carbon footprints as time goes by. It is only humane to give back as much as you are given. Until humanity makes that dramatic turnabout, however, you may as well be the symbol of change. All it takes to make a difference is one less person hurting the universe in an attempt to make fashion statements.

Achieving this difference through your clothing choice is what eco-minded retailers deal with. Eco-minded retailers are not limited. Each of them has different aims with a different mode of customer service. How do you choose the one best for you and your objective? That is what independent reviews are for. Browse through the comments left by other buyers before making your decision. Customer reviews are important.

About Coalatree Organics

Founded in 2010 by Jake Besey, Coalatree Organics is a wholesaler of eco-minded outdoor sports gear and clothing for adventurers, hikers, surfers, and campers. With the aim of giving back to society, Coalatree Organics creates outfits from organic and recycled materials to protect nature while making a fashion statement. They are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States.

Products and Services of Coalatree Organics

Coalatree Organics sells apparel made from nature-friendly materials like their evolution joggers made from recycled coffee grounds, fishfinder tee, plunge tees, and CT pocket tees. Their clothes are suitable for outdoor activities and indoors. They have different men's and women's wear, including recyclable hoodies, gauge vests, and trailhead shorts.

The company also deals in sustainable hammocks such as the Grandview hammock and wildflower hammock. Blankets are available as well in their catalog. They offer buyers environment-friendly blankets such as the puffy adventure blanket. Their products cover conversationalist packs, bags, survival knives, hats, beanies, backpacks, and duffel bags.

Payment and Delivery Coalatree Organics

Coalatree Organics only receives payments from Google Pay. They, however, offer their patrons discounts. They give discounts and promo codes to customers after confirming all items in the purchaser's cart. Gifts are offered in exchange for promo codes and discounts sometimes.

Shipping fees vary according to the buyer's location. They deliver throughout the United States, Europe mainland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Merchandise purchased from them is shipped out of their distribution stores within 1 - 2 days. Customers can then track the products through remote-tracking numbers till they reach their destination. Free shipping and java socks are available for orders above $120.

Refund Policy of Coalatree Organics

Items can be exchanged in Coalatree Organics if returned in unused condition as sent within 30 days of purchase. Products can also be refunded without shipping cost and the deduction of $10 as processing fees.

Returns are addressed at

Contact Coalatree Organics

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @coalatree

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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