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Deal Genius

Getting to do all one's shopping in a single place is a comfort everyone wants to enjoy. But buying from a direct marketing retailer is not always reliable. The brands they offer might not have standard goods. It is thus important to ensure that each store you are buying from offers you brands you can trust. Deal Genius is a store that sells consumer products to provide you with all you need. Online shopping reviews about Deal Genius will give you information.

About Deal Genius

Deal Genius is a United States-based company that offers consumer products of different varieties to consumers around the world. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The business was started in 2004 as a small business providing products to needy friends and family. Over the years of its operations, the company has grown to lengths, offering many products to customers in different locations worldwide. The company brings new deals, products, and stores daily to meet its customers' ever-increasing demands. The products sold at the store are products that the company can account for through testing and observations of products before being brought to the marketplace. Bringing products ranging from household appliances, apparel, and home decor, with genius deals to customers to ease accessibility and affordability. Customers who have earned coupons enjoy special deals.

Products and Services Offered by Deal Genius

The company is a large provider of consumer products, becoming a bridge between the final consumer and the producer. Products are aligned in categories to make navigation and shopping on the website quicker and faster. Some categories include Home essentials, Apparel, lifestyle, and kids. The Home essential collection offers home decor, patio and garden, cleaning, and maintenance accessories. The Apparel collection offers both women's and men's clothes. The lifestyle category has travel, pet, health, and wellness accessories, with others that make up the collection. The lifestyle kids collection brings school supplies, toys, games, and birthday party accessories together with others. The brands which bring these products are Rubbermaid, Hanes, DG Hill, Jo and Bette, and Simple Genius, among other reputable brands. Bringing products like oral b genius x deals, deal genius yarn, genius sports NFL deal.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy of Deal Genius

The company accepts payment from Amazon pay, master card, Visa, Pay Pal, American Express, and Discover. Because the company only sells available products, shipping is processed immediately after an order is completed. Delivery is finished normally within a day. Products are accepted for return by the company when they are returned within 90 days. Products are accepted only in their original condition and packaging. Products that are allowed for returns are those shipped within the US continental.

Reviews, Compliments, and Complaints about Deal Genius

How did you find your shopping experience with Deal Genius? Did you find the delivery to be on time or otherwise? Was the customer service reliable and amicable or not? We are interested in hearing your experience and feedback. Other buyers can know whether to go ahead with their purchase decision or not when they read your customer review.


4249 W. Diversey
60639 Chicago
4249 W. Diversey
United States

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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