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Nail and skin health are things many women care about, especially now that are new formulas and products on the market which make it easier for many females to maintain the health and appearance of their skin and nails. Fortunately, many products on the market do exactly that; however, they might only sometimes be as effective as you would like. Therefore, one way of finding possible products that work for you could be by utilizing a customer review platform, which gives you insight into various products purchased by customers and how they feel about them, thus aiding your decision based on peer reviews.

About Dermelect

Founded by husband and wife duo Jodi and Amos Lavian, Dermelect was born in 2006. Dermelect is a cosmeceutical brand created to solve skin and nail problems and empower women by providing them with real solutions to their cosmeceutical concerns. With Jodi being a self-proclaimed beauty guru and Amos having expert knowledge in cosmetic ingredients and formula, they decided to put heads together and create the brand everyone now knows and loves. The main aim of Dermelect is to provide females with effortless solutions and make them feel their most confident selves. Additionally, Dermelect prides itself on being a brand that keeps in line with clean beauty and beauty without cruelty standards. When Dermelect hit the markets, it launched with only eight products, but due to the drive behind the husband and wife duo, Dermelect now hosts 135 skin and nail care products.

Products and Services offered by Dermelect

Although there is much competition within the cosmeceutical industry, there are certain aspects that set brands apart and make them unique; such is the case with Dermelect, which has a wide variety of products such as serums, dark circle correctors, anti-aging creams, and repair balms among many other skin care products and nail strengtheners, cuticle and hand balms, color lacquers, mani and Pedi sets, and the all popular photo strong nail kits.

Additional Services of Dermelect

For those customers who religiously purchase from Dermelect, there is an auto-delivery option where customers can select their products, select a frequency for delivery, and receive 15% off every single order with free delivery. Dermelect offers various shipping options from standard delivery, ranging from free delivery to a $7 shipping fee, with a processing time of 24 hours and a shipping period of 5-7 days. Additionally, Dermelect provides an affiliate program that allows participants access to all their products and the ability to earn commission while equipping them with the tools to do so. Furthermore, should you require to contact the Dermelect team, the following information is available to you.




Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Dermelect

Have you recently purchased from Dermelect? Would you say that the products are effective? What, in your opinion, can the brand do differently? By leaving a customer review, you can aid potential customers and the brand by sharing your shopping experience. Whether good or bad, your feedback can give potential customers an insight into the brand and product and formulate an opinion based on that. Additionally, the brand can benefit from your feedback and gain valuable customer insight.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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