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As the days are going by, the world is going through an environmental crisis. The use of plastics and unrecyclable products is not only taking major space on land. But they produce harmful emissions once burnt. Therefore, many brands are manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Entireworld is one such option out of many competitors that sell sustainable clothes such as sweatshirts, leggings, knitwear, etc. They offer their products through an online shop.

About Entireworld

In March 2018, Scott Sternberg, a designer, launched Entireworld. It is a brand that believes in sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothing means that one makes use of minimal recyclable raw materials to manufacture clothes. Moreover, Entireworld sells a limited range of products for both men and women.

Scott Sternberg makes each design, and the clothing mainly consists of wardrobe-essentials. Sweatshirts, tank tops, T-shirts, and dresses are a few categories of clothing Entireworld offers. Furthermore, the designer and founder of this brand decided on ‘Entireworld’ since clothing is something that humans wear all around the world. Also, all of their clothing is manufactured in Europe, India, China, Korea, and Japan. Moreover, they believe that clothing displays the culture and unites everyone from different parts of the world. Additionally, Entireworld’s main component in their clothing is organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled cotton.

Products and Services of Entireworld

Entireworld offers clothing for both men and women. The clothing includes mostly pastel-colored basics. From sweatshirts, leggings, jackets to shorts, shirts, and T-shirts, Entireworld has many categories. However, each category only has a few products. Furthermore, all their products are made from cotton. They use pre-consumer recycled cotton, which means that cotton that is discarded during the manufacturing process is collected, recycled, and processed.

Does Entireworld’s clothing shrink in the dryer?

Yes, with any cotton clothing, putting it in the dryer will make it shrink. Entireworld recommends that you must read the care instructions on the website and follow them to take care of your clothing. Also, they state that all clothing should be air-dried rather than put in the dryer. That way, it will not shrink as much.

Entireworld is only three years old; however, they have numerous customer reviews and feedback on the internet. Moreover, they have a separate section for customer care; all of their emails are listed for contact.

Entireworld return policy states that all items can be returned except for undergarments. Also, refunds can happen in the first 14 days after delivery. They further state that all products for refunds are to be unused and undamaged. Furthermore, they provide free shipping in the U.S only.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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