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It does not precisely matter if you own a brand, run a successful business, or are a designer yourself; if you are into the fashion industry, you would definitely need fabric in your life. Different types of fabrics can actually help you craft different things that too according to your preferences and likings. Besides that, if you are also a DIY enthusiast, different fabrics would definitely seem to be a blessing for your needs. But the question is, from where can you get the variety of fabrics? The place from where you could easily buy everything you need without concerns about trust and quality?

Well, in that actual case, you might want to take a look at Fabric.com as it is a store selling all types of fabrics to its consumers. But do you know if you can trust Fabric.com? Do you know if their quality is good enough? Do you know Fabric.com customer service would be reliable? Probably not! That is why you should also check Fabric.com reviews first and then make your final decision.

About Fabric.com

Fabric.com did not start with its own separate enterprise; instead, they were formed from the well-renown worldwide marketplace Amazon. That is how they started their business and expanded it enough to sell the fabrics separately too.

Founding of Fabric.com

Fabric.com was founded back in 1993. At first, they were known as Phoenix Textiles Group, but as soon as Amazon came into being and the internet got popular, they started their own website too. They launched their first website in 1999 just to see how consumers would respond to it.

The focus of Fabric.com

Fabric.com does not only focus on different types of fabrics but also focus on apparel items and the decorative ones to be used in the homes. Not only that, but they also claim that all of the designs available at their store are according to the latest trends.

Products and Services of Fabric.com

Fabric.com offers a great variety of different products to users who are looking forward to buying clothing items.

Products categories at Fabric.com

The first main category at Fabric.com Amazon or their website is the different types of fabrics. You will find cotton, knit, flannel, linen, fleece, and many other types. Users can also search for a specific color, and they will be provided with all the items available in that color.

As for the apparel items, you can search for the products needed for a specific purpose. You can either go with a bridal, kids, home décor, or any other suitable option according to your preferences, and you will be provided with a variety.

Fabric.com Shipping Rate and Delivery

Fabric.com offers international delivery to its customers. You are charged a specific fee according to your country at the end of the checkout. You can use Fabric.com coupons to get a discount. If not, you can go with the Fabric.com sale, if there is any to get the products cheaply.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Fabric.com

If you have ever shopped with Fabric.com, then why not share your experience with us? All you precisely have to do is, write a customer review and provide your feedback about the store. Your review will surely help many users who are looking forward to getting something reliable for their needs.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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