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A lifestyle brand is a brand that tries to represent the aspirations, values, attitudes, opinions, and interests of a culture or a group for marketing purposes. Mainly lifestyle brands pursue to guide, motivate, and inspire individuals, with their product goals contributing to defining consumers' way of life. Thus, they are linked closely with promotions, including advertising used to gain the target's market mind share. They principally run on the ideology of anticipating that they will entice a comparatively large number of persons and eventually become a recognized social phenomenon. Usually, companies realize lifestyle brands by concentrating on arousing an emotional connection with their clients, thus creating a craving for clients to be associated with a particular brand or group.

About FarmRio

FarmRio is a company based in Rio de Janeiro, comprising of a team that believes in the presence of happiness. The company has, since 1997, strived to be more than a brand through the creation of rational cultural movements. When in good frequencies and energy, the company believes that solar rays enlighten the soul. It believes that feelings are aroused by the shapes and colors that nature brings to our feelings and eyes. It believes in detail quality and the emotions that these elements create and ensuring that it keeps the local culture alive. It also ensures that it makes products that clients will find powerful, thus having a sense of transformation. The company also deeply believes in hugs or as it is called in Portuguese in "abraços."

Products and services of FarmRio

FarmRio has grown from a small stand to a lifestyle. It offers some of the most beloved lifestyle and clothing brands in Brazil. It has also grown from a small booth into several stores, and now FarmRio has become one of the brands that Brazilians recognize the most. The products are made using quality materials and experienced people with over two years' experience in the sector. The company's products have also grown from what the founders Marcello Bastos and Katia Barros started as a small product offering to now a clothing line that embodies the vibrant colors of Rio as well as the feminine spirit. Clients can always visit the company's site to access the company's wide variety of clothing.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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