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Physical fitness refers to a state of well-being and health and, most precisely, one's skill to perform daily activities, occupations, and sports aspects. Generally, physical fitness can be achieved by exercising regularly and proper nutrition, coupled with adequate rest. The meaning of fitness has evolved overtime before the industrial revolution. It was defined as the body's capacity to engage in daily activities without undue fatigue. With changes such as automation and other lifestyle changes, physical fitness is now taken as a measure of the body's ability to effectively and efficiently work and take part in leisure activities, to meet emergencies needs as well as to remain healthy.Physical fitness has an exciting history. It has always been a significant part of life. It is documented that when people departed the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and established fixed societies that were founded around agriculture, levels of physical fitness deteriorated. This doesn’t mean that physical labour levels reduced but the work undertaken wasn’t much favourable to general fitness levels As such more Well-ordered regimes of fitness became more frequent. This was seen more in classical civilizations such as Rome and Ancient Greece. Physical fitness was an essential part of healthy life in Greece and men frequented gymnasiums. Nations also consider physical fitness a very crucial part in the ability of a country to effectively train soldiers for a military force.

About FitTrack
FitTrack is a company whose story is inspired by its founders, who tried different exercises and plans without concrete achievement. The founders thus discovered that this one size fits all is not the way to continue doing things. They had to develop a disruptive way of maintaining health and wellness by offering clients personalized information that was unique to them. 

Products and services of FitTrack
The company works to ensure it offers the latest fitness technology. It is the company's goal to make sure that everyone's insight increases and ensure they gain a deeper understanding of their body. The company offers a variety of products to ensure it achieves fitness and weakness among its clients. The company's products include the Dara scale, Atria tracker, and Beebo-family & Maternity smart scale.

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The company strives to ensure client satisfaction. It has a clear return policy, and if a client is not satisfied with their products, they can contact the company and have their products replaced or have them refunded. All the company’s products come with a Historical chart. They are FDA approved. They enable one to Goal set, have precise accuracy and have personalized health data. It also strives to make health tracking more fun for the client, ensuring client get more motivation by empowering them with more information ensuring one get a better understanding of their body, through daily, monthly and weekly tracking, personalized insights and staying motivated. The products are also made such that they can fit all types of body’s, they have a smart algorithm that adjusts as per the habit of a person, and for active users, there’s an athlete mode. The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have used their products, leave a review on