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Shopping malls have a long history. The 1700 and 1800s were characterized by Mom and pop stores, an informal term for small independent and family-owned businesses. Specifically, in the 1800s, there were plenty of these stores all over the US, most of which were general and drug stores. The general stores sold almost anything from fabrics to groceries to tools and toys. During this time population was also growing throughout the country and building new towns. It was common that each of the towns had mom and pop stores providing merchandise needed for daily day to day life. As the US moved towards the 20th century, its economic and business centers were dramatically changing. Industries and manufacturing replaced agriculture. Steel, oil, textile, and food production factories created new standards of living and new jobs. Shopping malls would start emerging in the 1950s.

About Floryday

Floryday is an internet-based shopping mall that features the latest women fashion accessories and fashion apparel. Floryday has its headquartered in Hong Kong and distributes its products through its abroad warehouses and ships them to over 100 nations worldwide. The company is always committed to offering fashionable trends to clients whenever they may be. Since Floryday was founded, it has gained experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing its clients with a seamless experience. It has a diverse customer service team who ready to offer help and serves millions of clients in the US, Europe, the middle east, and North America. The company's mission is to offers high-quality products from some of the most reputable companies worldwide. It is an inspiring place that clients can discover the most sought for and wanted products at great prices.

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Products and services of Floryday

Floryday has well-arranged categories on its site to enable a client to find a product with ease. Those looking for a sweater can get right into the sweater category and choose their favorite sweater. Those wishing to shop by season have the autumn category where they can choose their favorite autumn clothing. The company also offers after-sales services. It ships products to clients. Once an order is made a confirmation message is sent to the client. The order will be processed within one to seven day, after which shipping is done. There are two main methods of shipping standard shipping and expedited shipping. The first takes nine to fourteen days, while the second takes four to nine days. The company also offers various payment options where clients can pay either using their PayPal account, using a credit card, Klarna Pay, debit card, or even debit card.

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Have you experienced Floryday? Have you shopped at Floryday? Have you had to experience their client service? Would you recommend Floryday after-sales services to others? How's their shipping? How long does it take? Are you able to track your order? Do they have a return policy? How long does the return policy take? Do you have a tip or complaint regarding the company? If you have used their products, leave a customer review on