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Air pollution causes various health issues because the contaminated air can enter your lungs and cause infections. Apart from infections, you may also experience coughing, itchy eyes and other lung-related problems. G95 is an online shop that sells various types of clothing and masks that have been made from the G95 filtration technology. Before you buy any apparel or mask from G95, go through their previous customer reviews to ensure that they are an authentic online shop.

About G95

Hazel Solle founded G95 after her husband got sick while travelling to China in 2015. He experienced breathing problems and the doctor attributed it to a respiratory infection that might have come from the airplane or the air pollution in Shanghai. That was when Hazel came up with the idea of making clothes that had inbuilt filters. Together with her husband, they brought the idea to life and made G95 apparel that could be washed and reused. They launched their first product, the bioscarf, in 2018.

Products and Services of G95

Some of the filtration material that G95 sells include biogaiters, bio hoodies, bioshields, bioscarfs, biogoggles and bio pullovers. The apparel comes in different sizes, colours and prices. They are washable and reusable. All their clothes have an inbuilt G95 filter. They have a step-by-step guide that explains how to wash the G95 gear. The dos and don'ts are also outlined. G95 company has a video that explains how the apparel is made and how the G95 technology is incorporated into the clothes for your information. The clothes have also been tested for filtration efficiency for bacteria, viruses, latex and differential pressure. The products from G95 are sustainable and ecologically accepted for use as some of the material is made from recycled water bottles. If you are an individual with any physical challenges and have problems viewing the website, G95 has a contact number and email available to call for assistance. They also offer their products on a retail basis if you want to become a distributor. Their products take approximately three days to be delivered to the buyer. Shipping of products takes place all over the world regardless of the country you reside in. The shipping prices are free for residents of the United States and a fixed price for international orders. G95 does not accept the return of products once purchased because there may be risks of cross-contamination. However, if you receive a damaged item, G95 will replace it for you. If you need to cancel an order, you should do so before they create a shipping label. For more information about G95, they are available on various social media platforms or through email and contact numbers.

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Have you purchased any G95 filtration apparel? Did the clothing meet your needs and requirements? How were their services? Would you recommend G95 to other customers? You can share your feedback about the experience you had shopping from G95 as this will help them improve their products and services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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