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General Issue

Clothing is one of the most sought-after objects in our lives. When it comes to the origins of human clothing, different religious and cultural groups may have different ideas. The fashion world has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and that much is clear to all of us. Amazing when you realize that thousands of years ago, the majority of clothing was crafted from animal skin and hide.

To keep up with the ever-growing human population, the fashion business has also grown. New clothing goods have been introduced by the fashion industry in recent years, many of which have never been seen or heard of before.

General Issue has stated that it intends to offer its customers a wide range of stylish products. There is a good chance that you can benefit from the General Issue customer review section on this platform.

About General Issue

General Issue claims that its years of fashion design and manufacture have elevated the wardrobe basics into apparel that can be worn all day, every day. The Brooklyn-based company takes great pride in its attention to detail, fit, quality, and the fact that it's all made right here in New York City. A claim is made that it allows people to live their lives outside the suit of clothing.

Furthermore, General Issue claims that its brand is men's casual clothing that has been refined and reworked. According to some, the company takes inspiration from the classic t-shirt and aims to improve the wardrobe staple by including premium fashion-inspired features. It also claims that its years of fashion expertise are evident in the high-quality fabric, flawless fit, and modest yet fashionable accents.

To "think outside the suit," General Issue’s goal is to produce apparel for guys who are breaking away from the corporate dress code and creating their pathways. General Issue says it's here to recognize and empower men who dress and think for themselves.

How can customers contact General Issue

For questions, comments, and suggestions, interested individuals can contact General Issue via the contact icon on its official website. Additionally, the company is active on various leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Through these platforms, the public is kept updated on the activities and relevant information of the organization.

Products and services of General Issue

General Issue is involved in the manufacture and sale of various clothes and fashion items. Some of the company's products include the General Issue Long Sleeve Shawl, Short Sleeve Tee, and Short Sleeve Polo.

The refund policy of General Issue

General Issue declares that they must receive a returned item within 21 days of the ship date, for it to be eligible for a refund. Original packaging is required for all items to be returned. However, refunds or exchanges are not possible for items received after the 21-day grace period has expired.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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